The State and Local Sheepies-2021

If we have learned anything in 2020 and 2021, it’s that the State and Local governments are extremely important in making change in our crazy world. In light of that, the Sheepish Awards are taking today, the first day of 2022, to honor those state and local figures who have proven themselves to be worthy of a Sheepie Award for 2021.

In 2021 we have learned that local officials can be just as arrogant, incompetent, tyrannical, and dishonest as the national government. And, it doesn’t matter if they are elected or hired. I’m not sure what happened to these folks in their lives. Perhaps they are still upset over not getting selected for kickball teams. Or maybe they have been given REALLY bad advice.

So, without further ado, let’s start on our State and Local recognition. As a reminder, these awards are carefully selected by mail in vote from the public. If you didn’t get your ballot in the mail, we apologize. Maybe a dead person somewhere has it. Good news is that there are no time limits on voting, and we will accept votes at any time, especially if we need them to nudge our candidate for an award into the winner’s column.

We are going to start with the State Awards. These state officials have gone out of their way to distinguish themselves.

The first award is the “I Represent Dumb People” award. This year’s recipient has distinguished herself in this category by completing many different interviews where she states this. It’s none other than State Senator Addie Eckard. If you haven’t seen her wonderful performance, it’s below.

Yes, Addie believes her constituents are dumb, too dumb to make their own medical decisions and too dumb to see that she doesn’t really represent them. Congrats Addie!!!!

The next award goes to the Democrats in the Maryland Legislature. It’s the “One Party Rule” Award and it recognizes their attempt, through redistricting, to turn Maryland to a state that can only elect Democrat ( i.e Marxists). I’m guessing they are not acting along, but on the advice of people like Congressman Jamie Haskins, who totally understands what is required to get to Communism. How does he know? Well, if you ever get a chance, research Jamie’s father, Marcus Raskin and his group, the Institute for Policy Studies, a notably leftist, Marxist group. It was a group that openly worked with Moscow against Reagan in the 80’s. Can you say KGB kids?

So, in that vein, we present this award to the Maryland Legislature as they work to make sure the citizens never have a real choice again. Stalin would be shedding tears of joy.

Speaking of real choices, we come to our final State Award. This award has been warranted for many years, and it is time its recipient gets his. It’s the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” Award and it goes to none other than Herr Hogan, Lockdown Larry, the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan.

In an impressive resume of non-action followed up by tyrannical action, Larry has tricked Republicans in this state to thinking that when he was elected, our state got a Conservative Republican in the Governor’s Mansion. Sillies!!!! Larry spent his first term doing a lot of whining about how he couldn’t get the things he promised enacted. The legislature mentioned above voted him down when he did actually propose bills, but most of the time he just told everyone that trying to do things was too hard. He did get tolls reduced at the State’s bridges. Woo Hoo! Oh, and there was one really sweet land deal he made that helped some of his relatives out, but, that was about it.

He couldn’t even take action without Mayor Blake’s permission during the Baltimore riots of 2015. Send in the National Guard to stop the violence? Nope. And the people who live in Baltimore City, they aren’t REALLY citizens of Maryland, are they?

The crowning achievement, however, was his fat fisted handling of the Covid “pandemic” in 2020. He moved to a shutdown of businesses in ONE morning, causing business owners everywhere to see their lives flash before their eyes. He didn’t even give them warning. Open in the morning, closed by the afternoon. But, it was only for two weeks, right? From that point on, Larry became more tyrannical. But, the best thing was the appearances on the big news shows where Larry got to call himself and his traveling wife Yumi, heroes. She even traveled on a PLANE to get Covid tests, albeit faulty ones that wasted millions of dollars. He made a commercial and told us to “Wear the damn mask.” ( The same one that has been totally ineffective for a very long time.)

He was just looking out for us, the crazy fringe wackos who voted for his arch nemesis, Trump. Uh huh. So, this award goes to YOU Larry.

**In a last minute newsflash, a story was released today about the Gov conducting secret communications on official state business:

That’s a NO NO.

Oh, and just in case his comrade, Kelly Schultz, gubernatorial candidate, feels left out of the limelight for this award, let’s give her the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Version 2.0” award. I mean, she sat with Larry while he made all these choices. And she was his economic development director. I guess shutting businesses didn’t hurt economic development, huh Kell girl?

As we wrap up the State Awards, we move on to the local recognition.

We’ve had several late entries in this category, and I think you’ll be blown away by them.

The first award is given to a group who truly deserves it. It’s the “Easter Island Statue” award and it goes to a group of people who have fulfilled the requirements of this award so completely it will be hard for anyone else to receive it in the future.

Here’s a picture of the Easter Island Statues.

Easter Island statues or Talbot School Board?

See that? See their expressions? In order to win this award, you must be able to sit for hours looking like one of these statues.

And the Talbot County Board of Education, they surpass the requirements.

If you attend a Talbot County Board of Education meeting and speak, they will do their best impression of these statues, especially if your comments aren’t on the list of Super Special Acceptable Woke Opinions. Of course, it will be a miracle if you get to speak to them at all, since they can’t meet in a room that seats more than ten members of the taxpaying public.

Do they get training in this? Does the school board lawyer host a special retreat for them where they go into a sweat lodge and practice stoicism while people pretending to be taxpayers and parents give emotional personal statements about the things being done to their kids in public schools?

It’s probably like one of those secret societies. They could tell you but then they’d have to kill you.

But, these folks have earned other awards also. They also get the “For Thee But Not Me” Award. It’s a cute little Sheepie Statue engraved with the immortal words of the Talbot School Board President Susan Delean-Botkin, ” I’m Vaccinated. I Wear this Mask to Protect You, Not Me.” It was a lot to fit on a statue but we managed. Here are the pictures sent in with the Board’s nomination for this award:

This is the Board President protecting Mr. Garman by “wearing” her mask.

So, masks off to you Talbot School Board! You earned your recognition!

(Side note: Since you need to be 21 to get these awards, we regret that the student member of the board is ineligible. )

Because we are in the education awards it’s time to recognize someone who will be retiring at the end of this year. Yes, after seven years as Superintendent, Kelly Griffith is hanging up her fence walking shoes and riding off into the sunset.

So, it’s fitting that we should give her this award, it’s the “Okey Doke” Award.

Let us give you some background. The phrase “okey doke” was coined by Barack Obama and others in the past. Technically, it means to bamboozle people with the same “old tricks.” It’s akin to Ali’s “ropa dope” where he suckered other boxers in by appearing weak, in regard to his great talent, and not fighting any more. But then he would win the fight. But the “okie doke” is using the same old phrases dressed up as the truth. Technically not a lie, but a repeated mantra to convince someone of something that isn’t true.

And, to be sure, the person doing “okey doke” must be friendly, nice, etc.

Ms. Griffith as this down to an art. She can shove those CRT missives into her Superintendent’s “Strive for 25” without missing a beat. She can pretend that the mask mandates, refusal to change BOE meeting venues and draconian selection of certain covid “exposed” students for quarantine are not her doing, but the Talbot County Health Department’s. And she can do that all with a big “okey doke” smile. It’s an art.

So, Kelly, this one’s for you!

Disclaimer: No claims are made that Dr. Griffith is Reverend Jim. The award merely bears his visage.

We also want to wish Dr. Griffith the best in her retirement. I’m sure she’ll be happy to kick off her heels, remove the lawyer at her hip, and be her true self all the time.

Unless she’s running for public office. Hmmmmm….

But hey, the truth shall set you free.

We move from Education to another important public field. Health.

Now that Covid has become a “pandemic” this category is FILLED with Sheepie nominees. I’m sure you have seen many of them. They drive down the road in their cars alone, double masked. Or they walk outside with no one near them with masks. My personal favorite nominees are the triple vaxxed who shop in their masks covered with plastic shields.

Unfortunately, our budget does not allow for us to give all of the aforementioned an award.

So, let’s begin with the “The NBA Virtue Signalling” Awards. This award is named after the National Basketball Association since they are all about human rights and stuff EXCEPT when it affects their bottom line. I mean, who can give up billions of Chinese dollars just to fight for those dirty, oppressed Uhygers that the CCP is killing in genocide. So, selective virtue, which is what this award is all about.

Among the nominees are the new head of the Country School, the current head of the Gunston School, and the Avalon Foundation. In case you don’t know, they will let you know their preferred pronouns and their vaccine status. In some cases, such as the Avalon, they are SO virtuous that they will exclude people who have not been vaccinated from their theater and their homespun and usually inclusive shows! Medical Apartheid!

Let’s not forget the Midshore Symphony Orchestra who does the same. All those germs blowing around from the music means they also require vaccine passports. In a church of all places. One that has Christ in its name.

In the name of fairness, it’s such a close call that we’ll just split the award up, shear it so to speak. Congrats!

Besides, we have an even bigger winner in the Health category. This award is the “CDC Giggle and Squirm” Award. It is given to recognize the best giggling and squirming performance by a health officer when confronted by the facts about Covid that they would prefer not to acknowledge or speak about.

In this particular case it came in a County Council meeting when Maria Maguire, the Talbot County Health Officer since January 13, 2021, testified before the council to make a case for all kinds of mandates in the schools. As she talked about vaccines and why we should all just jump in line to get them, one of the council members asked her about natural immunity.

Have you ever seen someone happily prattling on about something with complete confidence that they have impressed the audience with all their “facts” and then someone suddenly interupts that with facts the person wasn’t prepared for? It’s like a bucket of ice gets dumped over their heads. Then, in an attempt to deflect the fact that they weren’t prepared, the person plays it off with a burst of nervous laughter and seat wiggles? Think Kamala Harris when she is asked about the border. Lots of gesticulation.

Ms. Maguire did some of the finest giggling and squirming this award committee has ever seen. And then she was “rescued” by one of our council members who reminded her of how many different schools she attended. Crisis averted.

But that performance? An award winner for sure.

So, since we are referring to the County Council, it’s important that we not exclude them from the awards. In fact, one of their members will get the best one of all.

But, let’s start off with giving one member an award that he definitely deserves. It’s the “Liz Cheney RINO” award. You all know Liz, right? She’s the former ( or soon to be former) Congresswoman from Wyoming. Daughter of Dick. She currently has a very special seat on the House’s January 6th Most Horrible Event in the History of Mankind committee. She’s a traitor and is polling at below 20% in her home state.

This guy earned this award through the most well planned, two faced, and sneaky blindside Talbot County has ever seen. After years of the debate about the Talbot Boys Monument which included this councilman, he conspired with Cory “Nobody’s Got Time for That” Pack to be underhanded and propose a last minute vote to move the monument to somewhere in Virginia. And it worked! He took the citizens of Talbot County right out of the decision! Great job Frank Divilio and congrats!

All for Frank!

But, there is someone on the County Council who outdid Frank.

You need some background info on this award. It was a late addition on Thursday and the voting had some irregularities. The votes started coming in, we counted some, and then in the middle of counting we had to stop for a few hours. There was a person leading when we stopped. I think she was a school board member. Then, when we resumed we had a ton of late votes for the eventual winner.

This award is called the ” I am Intolerance” award. If you aren’t sure of that reference, remember that Dr. Fauci, after changing his mind more times that he changes his undies, got mad that people questioned him. He said that questioning him was attacking “Science.” In reality, questioning him was showing how unscientific his actions were.

So, this next award is in honor of his egotistical and arrogant identification of himself as science. In the case of this award, the council member probably identifies himself as tolerant, but sadly, no.

You’ll see why when you read what this council member wrote.

Someone I know wrote an email to this councilman. The email contained a LINK to the VAERS database that she wanted him and the rest of the council to consider regarding the dangerous side effects of the Covid vaccines and boosters. Here are some pictures of the email. After a brief intro, this is what she sent:

The email did include, outside of this link to data, her signature which contains some biblical references that she ALWAYS includes in ALL of her emails. The body of the email was not about religion, wrong or right, good or evil. The email was not about religion. But somehow, her signature with its reference to Bible verses triggered this councilman, Peter Lesher.

You know Peter Lesher. He’s the councilman with the bow tie. The intellectually superior one. The one who told everyone that his child wanted to get the vaccine on his 12 th birthday to keep him from infecting others. ( yes, he shared that info in a County Council meeting). That one. He’s a Democrat and I would also say a self proclaimed “tolerant” liberal. Well, he’s tolerant for liberal things. Just read his response to my friend’s email. ( Bold and italics included by me for emphasis)

On Dec 30, 2021, at 11:38 AM, Pete Lesher <> wrote:

Dear Ms.( Name Withheld):
Thank you for forwarding the statistical report on vaccine side effects. I am no scientist and have not taken the time to independently verify the report that you forwarded, but if these data are accurate, my probability of injury from a vaccine side effect is about 0.19%, and probability of death 0.004%. However, readily available data show that my probability of death from COVID-19 (case fatality ratio) in the United States is about 1.5% (, though it is higher in other countries where vaccination rates are lower.
My probability of death is considerably reduced if I contract the virus because I am vaccinated and boosted.
You could do yourself as well as family and friends with whom you have contact a great benefit by getting the vaccination. It will protect both you and them. It’s the Christian thing to do. Those who do not are selfishly causing death and prolonging the pandemic, which you might agree is what Satan would want you to do.
Pete LesherTalbot County Council

Sound tolerant to you? Or even respectful?

This was an email that only required a simple response. He could have said, “Thanks for the information. I will defintely look into it and would love to sit down and discuss it with you. “

But that is NOT what he said. He started off belittling what she sent after saying he was no scientist but he would take time and verify it. Then he went off the rails.

Read what Mr. ( or should I say “Reverend” Lesher, leader of the Covidian Church) wrote in that last paragraph. First, he tells her that she should take the vaccine as the “Christian” thing to do. He is actually judging her Christian faith, something he has no right to do, particularly since she was not writing about how the vaccines relate to her religious beliefs.

Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, he throws Satan in there. He says that those not taking the vaccine are selfish, prolonging the pandemic and causing death. And he says their actions are… Satanic. Wow.

When I read this I could only say, “WTF.” At the least, this email just became totally inappropriate for a professional, public email. Mr. Lesher has gone bonkers, is being incredibly arrogant, rude and dismissive, and just generally a douche. Or maybe he was drunk when he wrote this. Because no one in public office should ever write anything like this to a constituent. What does he have against those of Christian faith? Is he a religous bigot? Does he really find the unvaccinated Satanic?

I think I know.

You see, Mr. Lester is a prime example of what our government officials on the left think of so many of us. They disparage our beliefs, religious, political, and personal. They call us names. The call us stupid. They call us Satanic. All because we disagree. And that attitude is actually, evil. Better get rid of those ugly blue unity signs.

They are the most intolerant people, and I think their intolerance makes them unfit to serve us.

But, it does earn him the 2021 “Mr. Intolerance” Award. Congrats.

Or should I say, how awful.

Someone needs to let the public know what some of people on our County Council truly are. But, based on some of their actions, maybe THEY are letting us know.

( As a side note, my friend let Mr. Lesher have it in her response. I think I saw flames coming off the screeen!)

As we close 2021, let’s make it our mission to expose more of them. As unkind as that may be. We have to do it.

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  1. Well, you have hit the mark once again!
    I thought that I saw Black Smoke coming from the Council Chimney when County Pontiff Lesher the Intelerant made his decree!
    To be fair, the Easter Island Statues don’t pretend to be virtuous as the TCPS School Board does. The statues don’t pretend that masks work.
    Kelly Hogan/Schultz was for everything before she opposed it…so, we have to give it to her…Flip Flopping to distract her voters is now an art to Schultz!
    Hats off to Jan for recognizing all of the fakes who have earned the Sheepies!
    Jan has shown great restraint and insight!

  2. Jan
    You hit another home run with this.
    Agree 1000% with every award! You pointed out the truth in an entertaining way !

    Thank you!

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