We Won’t Get Fooled Again…or Will We?

“It is always surprising that the content of propaganda can be inconsistent that it can approve today what it condemned yesterday.”-PROPAGANDA: THE FORMATION OF MAN’S ATTITUDES, Jacques Ellul

“I’ll move myself and my family aside, If we happen to be left half alive, I’ll get my papers and smile at the sky, Oh I know that the hypnotized never lie.”-Peter Townsend

In an article I wrote yesterday, I included a link at the end to THE FEDERALIST and the article, “Why Ruling Class Minions are so Suddenly Doing Damage Control on Covid.” It’s a great article and voices some of the ideas many of us have about what is going on in this country ( and world) for at least the last five years.

Then, I watched as many clips as I could tolerate from Mr. Biden as he did his best to convince everyone that HE is great, EVERYTHING’S great, and we are all silly to think none of that is true. It was a “time capsule” rendition of every delusional progressive and lie. And we all know it.

Admit it. When the Covid “pandemic” started, you knew something was wrong. It seemed like we were watching either a bad Weather Channel forecast of “the most dangerous storm ever”or a overly dramatic trailer from a reality show. I remember thinking that this was BS. ( And no, I’m not going to give you the whole, ” I know people have died from Covid and it’s serious” line. If you need that from me, stop reading now. I don’t like stating those things that could and should be common sense.)

As we went through the escalation of Covid from the masks, shutdown, vaccines, etc. my fraud meter was on high. If Covid was the worst Pandemic ever, we should have seen more evidence. The visuals and the everyday reality weren’t matching the message.

So now as we are going into year three of this farce, we suddenly see the government patsies and talking heads walking back the fear porn we have been subjected to. In an instant, masks didn’t do anything to protect us, the vaccines were not protecting anyone, and the current Covid variant is not as serious as we thought. The CDC even came out and said that they might have fudged the stats that kept this who fraud going. And let’s not even speak about that troll Fauci as his deception is brought out in the open.

At the same time, certain states are locking down again and requiring vaccine passports. What the heck is going on?

Look back at that opening quote.

Propaganda cannot be effective if it is always being used in the same manner, the same pitch. It’s like playing a song with only one refrain. Sooner or later, people don’t want to hear it anymore. Composers understand that there must be peaks and valleys, highs and lows, intensity and calmness. It’s how our brains work. Listen to any great song from any genre and you will hear it.

Continuous propaganda exceeds the individual’s capacities for attention or adaptation. The sudden twists, turns and rests have to be built in.

Propaganda is not just made up of lies. It is a studied combination of lies, half truths, truths, and fantasy. For example, let’s look at Critical Race Theory and how the public schools are spinning it.

At first, CRT was openly promoted by Ibram X. Kendi and Nichole Jones. The latter created the 1619 project. They bragged everywhere about how 1619 was accurate, CRT was necessary, and we need it taught in schools everywhere. Using the Obama education department for 8 years, they spread this poison everywhere along with discipline policies that were built on racial quotas and not actually addressing offenses. Ask the parents of the victims of the Parkland shooter, a student who was allowed to escape discipline and mental health until he shot up the school. They can tell you how that worked.

As a side note, we can’t blame CRT merely on Obama. George W. Bush was just as complicit as it was HIS administration that started dividing test scores by race and gender, forcing school districts to ignore real education and treating children as members of a group and not individuals. This fits nicely in the propaganda play book, “…the individual never is considered an individual but always of what he has in common with others. He is reduced to an average.”- PROPAGANDA: THE FORMATION OF MEN’S ATTITUDES by Jacques Ellul

As CRT forced its way from college settings to high schools to elementary schools and teachers were trained in its insipid, divisive methods, people started noticing. As the stupid term ” woke” came to fore and caused feckless coorporations to bend their knees, people got upset. When wholesale virtual learning started and parents saw what was going on and complained to school boards, the CRT propagandists saw that changes needed to be made. Now, instead of bragging about CRT and 1619, they attempted to define it as a reaction to oppression and deny that it was really about dividing the races and creating a finger pointing paradigm, despite the reality.

It didn’t work so they then realized they had change the terminology. As any good propagandist knows, they had to analyze the “room”, back off, tell half truths, hide their intentions. That’s why you see Kelly Griffith, Superintendent in our county, state that there is NO CRT taught in schools while she herself states in a video, “Schools in this country were created by white men for white men.” While what she says is partially true, it totally disregards the hundreds of years of change and law since then that has created a fully integrated school system. Even worse, it ignores the last 30 or so years where minority students have become the focus of education in this country*. It’s a half truth, the best tool of propaganda. * The real truth is that while the school system has attempted to teach children as members of given groups, they have actually stunted the educational growth of these and all students. All you need to do is look at the disaggregated testing data of ANY county in ANY state to see that the scores of minority students have not budged upward significantly. Dr. Griffith, if you and your staff are doing such a great job with this during your long career, why are you failing so much? Are you spreading propaganda or just hypnotized by it?

But I digress. The point is that the propagandists for CRT both support it and deny it at the same time. And, they hope you will ignore that.

So let’s move to the national level. During his two hour plus snooze fest news conference last night, Biden limped his way between phoney optimism, confusion, narcissim, lies, and blank staring off to space. Whether by design or mistake, his handlers allowed him to take random questions that either forced him to read off his notes OR to freestyle his way through meaningless platitudes and nonsensical, error filled statements. And mumbling. Lots of mumbling.

During this mess, the lies he spread were easily pointed out. But that doesn’t matter because the propaganda arm of his staff understand one thing. Those that follow propaganda, who believe it, will continue to follow it because they are caught up in the system. They want to believe. If they can believe all is good, then they can cease worrying about the state of the world and go back to watching “90 Day Fiancee.”

So back to the question posed in THE FEDERALIST.

Why is the truth coming out of some of these folks all of a sudden?

Perhaps as they pose in the article, it is a “limited hangout” where the propagandists build in a time out. They admit to a small piece of truth to show people that they really care about the truth when they don’t. This is to change how we, the public, see them and their motives. “See, we admit that cloth masks don’t work.” Then, three weeks later they start handing out Chinese made N95 masks and require them instead. It’s like a football team at half time. They change their game tactics to adapt to circumstances.

Maybe they are leaving this tactic and moving on to another one. Maybe Covid has run its course, done its job, and they need another “disaster” to takes its place and mobilize the fear porn industry. Maybe it’s a war. A natural disaster. An economic collapse. They take the foot off the gas pedal for the current situation and accelerate to the next one. Certainly, if war is the avenue, they have used Covid to deplete our ability to fight by purging our military and decimating our systems. And, would you look at that, we are trying to instigate a war with Russia over Ukraine!

Economic collapse, one which they have engineered, could also be the next shoe to drop. As people lose financial and lifestyle security, including food, the government can exert more control over our lives. Biden says the shelves are full, but if you are shopping lately, you know that is a lie.

They could also be trying to give Biden a “win” by saying he eliminated Covid. I don’t believe that one since last night he was still talking about “vaccinating the world” and handing out masks and tests. If he was getting the win, we’d know it.

Perhaps they are realizing that many of us are waking up, even those who were staunch devotees. I would love to embrace this motive, but I don’t think it’s realistic. Based on my own experience, people ARE waking up, but, also based on my experience, those in power don’t really care about that.

While demonstrations overseas may have made an impact, I don’t see our elite here really taking notice of the outcry from dissenters. In fact, many Democrats want dissent to be illegal and punishable by fine or imprisonment. ( If you want to see the data, look at my January 18th blog, “Take a Hard Look at Your Neighbors.”) The DC crowd is insulated by money and walls.

All those reasons may be realistic, but I think I hear something else afoot.

I think I hear the propaganda bus revving up and it is set to run over Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. With their approval ratings in the outhouse, I believe the Democrats have devised another plan for them. While they might not be able to remove them both now, I think the Dems might actually be hoping for a red wave in ’22.


One thing any good propagandist knows is that in order for propaganda to work, the victims of the lies and half truths must be mobilized to action. Biden and Harris are so disorganized and incompetent that no good socialist would honestly follow them in a fight. But, if they can be sacrificed for their ineptitude and to make way for someone better, someone more polished like Obama was, the Dems can get someone in place in ’24 who can build on the Socialist deep structure put in place while Joe and Kamala were busy keeping our attention.

Anyone wonder who that might be? Come on, you knew the answer as soon as you heard Hillary Clinton breaking ranks last month criticizing Biden and his administration.

As we know, Hilldabeast doesn’t say or do anything that doesn’t benefit her. I believe she is readying herself for a 2024 run and that she actually doesn’t give a rip about 2022. Or Joe Biden. Or Kamala Harris.

I think she would do ANYTHING at this point to make that happen, even if she sets herself up as the hero to come in and “save” the country after a red wave in 22. Watch out Bill, you may even be expendable.

Would the Democrat powers that be accept that? Of course they would. Deals would be made. Obama would be promised the Supreme Court. Others would either be offered positions in government or Presidential pardons. In ’22, they would let the election go with no blatant cheating, and then come back in ’24 with a more sophisticated apparatus to once again steal a Presidential election.

Sound crazy? Maybe.

But if you have studied propaganda and the people who use it, you know it’s not.

Me? Like the song says, ” Then I’ll get on my knees and pray, We don’t get fooled again. “

( Oh, that Propaganda book? It was written in 1965.)

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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