What Will It Take?

You, the person reading this blog. I know you. Right now you are reading this blog hoping there will be an answer to the question, ” How do we get this country back on track?” There is going to be one, but you may not like it. Because I am going to tell you what the real problem is.

I’ll admit it. Until 2020, the only politics that really mattered to me were national. I thought that as long as we had the right President, Senators, Congressmen, etc. the country would be in great hands. And even if we didn’t I thought that we had enough Conservatives, enough good military leaders, and good law enforcement to keep the country from becoming a Communist hell. After all, we had a Constitution to protect us.

I was wrong, very wrong. In 2020 we saw first hand the damage local governments, local agencies, can do to our lives. Closing businesses, closing schools, creating job designations as “essential” and “non-essential,” unscientific mask mandates, vaccine mandates and passports; the list goes on and on.

I got really angry. I thought that if we told people the truth, they would fix the problem.

They haven’t. And they won’t. Because it is impossible for someone else to fix the problems in our towns, counties, states and countries.

And while I have met some true warriors out there, I’m finding a lot of people are still “on the fence” and waiting for someone else to do the hard fighting. They tell me they have “too much to lose.” You are probably one of them. If you are, this blog is for you.

So, it’s time to take off the gloves. Let me explain that all of us have “too much to lose.” In a material sense, most of us out in front have homes, businesses, families, etc. We aren’t shielded from loss by fancy lawyers, huge fortunes, or big connections. So, if someone gets mad at us, we lose, we bleed.

In this sense, we are all in the same boat.

But for some reason, you don’t want to admit you are in the boat and that you need to start working to keep the boat moving.

Maybe you feel that this will all go away shortly. “People are finally getting it,” is what you say. You talk about how governments are removing restrictions, letting people open businesses, and go out to dinner! You talk about Supreme Court decisions and Governors banning mask and vaccine mandates.

Sadly, you are way too optimistic

While the “End the Mandates” rally and rallies across the board show that there are many people who are fed up with the lies, we still have things like this going on:

Larry Hogan once again serves his Pharma Masters

Even though Remdesivir does not work and often kills patients with kidney failure, Larry stockpiled it. Remember, he’s the guy who ordered all those faulty Covid tests from his wife’s homeland. Not only that, he is pushing testing ( ironic, right) on elderly residents, nursing home staffs and even nursing home visitors. This while he prohibits doctors from using treatments that really work. Oh, and don’t forget the N95 masks he got for your children, straight from Bejing.

In case you think that the election of a new Governor in Maryland make all this go away, there is one candidate who is on the Vaccine passports train. For example, here’s this “knob”:

This guy wants to be YOUR Governor!

If you don’t know Peter, he’s one of the Democrats running for Governor. He is the current comptroller of our state. Other than cashing your tax checks each year, Peter is also a statue enthusiast. He loves repurposing statues he doesn’t like by melting them down into door knobs. And now he wants to monitor and run your life and steal your freedom.

Does that sound like it’s all going away to you?

Me either.

Maybe you think that it’s different where you live. Certainly, your County Council is on your side. They won’t allow mask and vaccine mandates. Except in OUR county, we have groups that accept public funds barring citizens from plays, events, etc. without vaccine passports. Have you heard our County Council speaking on that? No.

They are too busy propping up and praising the county health department head who can’t seem to read any VAERS data, studies on how dangerous the vaccine is for kids and people in general. She’s too busy nailing her three degrees from Ivy League schools on the wall. It’s obviously a complicated process. Only ONE County Council member challenged her on her knowledge about acquired immunity. It was something the health officer wouldn’t fully address.

Okay, but you really care about your school aged children and grandchildren. They are fine, right? Even if the masks are an inconvenience and they are among a statewide cohort of children of which only 30% are proficient in reading, writing, math and science they are okay. Never mind the medical, developmental, and mental health issues they are facing. Remember, Dr. Griffith said about the masks and distancing, “The kids are used to it.”

Oops. The kids aren’t doing so well.


But I know you don’t want to embarrass your child, or cause him trouble, so just let that go. If you just keep complying, doing what they say, the tyranny will end. Besides who are you going to talk to, the Board of Education will only allow ten speakers in person in their micro-Board meeting room. They could use a bigger space but, what the hell, it’s just the parents who want a face to face meeting. They don’t care about that. Just get them out of that meeting as quickly as Dr. Griffith and her lawyer will let them. Maybe if someone gave THEM a fifty dollar gift card to sit and listen? Doubtful.

Are you starting to get the picture? I hope you are. Because there are some of us out there speaking for you. We are out in front, sharing what is going on, challenging the people in charge. We are the ones taking the virtual hits for you and your families.

I get it. You are busy.

So, I guess it’s time for you to decide. What will it take to get you motivated, ready to challenge the people that work for YOU, for US? Maybe it will be the recent Project Veritas whistleblower who describes how people giving vaccines to CHILDREN in New York are not trained and are giving incorrect mixes of vaccines, incorrect amounts, and vaccines out of date to them. And no one reports it to the company running the vaccine centers. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere. Believe me, it’s happening here. Here’s a link to Project Veritas:


In his speech at the END THE MANDATES rally on January 23 in Washington D.C. Bobby Kennedy Jr. said this:

” The hill you are going to die on is the hill you are on right now. And they are coming for your kids.”

I think that says it all in a nutshell.

After you finish reading this, I want you to take a minute, look at yourself in a mirror and say, ” I’ve had enough. I’m going to take action.”

But you may wonder what action. For one thing, there are groups in your community who are working to turn things around. It might be a political party, but it’s more than likely not. Maybe it’s a group of parents like our Family Advocacy Alliance that meets every month to take action to change our schools and force them to be accountable to parents and taxpayers. Support these groups by attending meetings, helping, etc. (You can search us on Facebook.)

Maybe you want to run for office like County Council, Board of Education, etc. Maybe you want to help with the campaigns of people who have the same beliefs and positions you have.

Or maybe you want to attend public County meetings.

And of course, vote. 2022 is so important.

Whatever you do, do SOMETHING.

The sad thing is if you aren’t willing to fight on this hill, your children and grandchildren will have to. That’s if they haven’t been indoctrinated and destroyed by then.

We will be there with you.


I mentioned Dan Cox, who is running for Governor in Maryland. Dan and his running partner, Gordana Schifanelli, are firm Constitutionalists. They are the only ones running who are willing to fight the tyrannical Democrats. They are battling for our rights.

Check them out!


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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. Jan Using another email account, adulin2@live.com, I forwarded your email to a group of people (50 or so) I believe to be in the Cordova area. Several years ago a local government employee inadvertently sent a group email to a bunch of people who had expressed enough interest in the Cordova Master Plan to give him our email addresses. His emailed notification about a meeting showed as “to” not “bcc” – so everyone’s email address, not names, could be seen. Anyway, if you get “hate” mail I apologize….in the blind copy email I forwarded as “bcc”, I told people to feel free to block my address or let me know to delete their address. I already received my first request to delete an email because “I believe in science”.

    I’m working on my latest TFN Open Meetings Act complaint. Perhaps we can discuss at some point…. Thanks for your work…I wish I was as well-read as you…I enjoy your blogs. Althy

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