Where are all the Pink P***y Hats?

Women’s sports started the steep decline toward elimination yesterday.

Yesterday was a red letter day in the United States and the NCAA. For the first time ever, an openly transgender woman won an NCAA championship.

You heard me right. During National Women’s Month or whatever March is called, a TRANSGENDER woman won an NCAA championship. And by transgender woman, I mean a man, one with all his junk intact, who went through puberty and gained all the additional muscle/bone mass from the male hormones of that time. That.

Disregard all the yapping on television channels about Women’s History, supporting female owned businesses, etc. It’s worthless chatter because the people who claim to believe in women’s rights and sports, just ceded both of those to transgenders who will now compete unfairly against women. It’s gender washing. (Like white washing but with gender.)

The name you want to remember is Lia Thomas. Don’t worry, you’ll probably be inundated with her forever. Lia will be championed as a brave pioneer in transgender rights. Lia will be interviewed, feted, given great honors and probably named to a government cabinet post. She’ll be studied in “woke” classrooms as a paragon of bravery and “being who you are.” The women who have had all their hard work, records, opportunities, and scholarships obliterated by Lia and other men competing as women, will remain in oblivion.

They are sacrificed on the altar of absurdity.

The new records won’t even bear an asterisks like the records set by steroid using men in sports like baseball. There will be no footnotes.

There are some who have said that the women should “just work harder.” Problem is that the best female athletes in the world, no matter how hard they work, can’t defeat a man. The second place winner behind Lia in the NCAA Championships is a freaking Olympian. One who won a silver medal at the games. So, please. Stop the BS.

And, by the way, if that was the case, why aren’t women who are trans men flocking over to men’s sports to kick ass in men’s sports? In which sport would a trans man have an advantage over natural, biological men? According to one article, reporters found ONE trans man to quote about Lia Thomas. This person’s name is Schuyler Bailar and is the first trans man to compete on a Division 1 men’s team. According to Schuyler, who attended Harvard, Lia’s win is a “symbol of Lia’s resilience.” He added, “It’s also a symbol that we can be who we are and do what we love.” ( Funny that we don’t know much about Schuyler. That’s because he/she isn’t beating any natural men.)

This is destroying the dreams and goals of natural women athletes.

It seems like a lot of people agree, even though the mainstream media is intent in promoting this travesty. On the Today show, they celebrated it, were giddy about it. For the first time ever, they covered the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championships. Well, at least as long as it took for Lia’s race.

There are people speaking out. On Twitter, many congratulated Emily Weyant, a swimmer for University of Virginia, who finished behind Thomas. “Second is the new first,” wrote former Department of Education press secretary Angela Morabito. Others lamented that many female athletes won’t speak out against the Thomas’s inclusion in female sports for fear they will be canceled. One parent of a University of Pennsylvania swimmer told how members of the women’s swim team were threatened and coerced to keep quiet about their opposition to her participation in the team. In her interview, the parent had her face hidden like someone testifying against the Mafia would, see link below.


Even Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner said the NCAA should not allow Thomas to compete in the women’s division. Say what you want about Jenner, but he/she got this right!

I have yet to see one pink pussy hat protester, one #metoo activist, one women’s rights organization speak out. Sports stars like Venus and Serena Williams, Simone Biles, Mia Hamm, Lindsay Vonn, and Katie Ledecky are mysteriously silent. Madonna, Alyssa Milano, etc. seem to have lost their fire. Surely, their fame outweighs their fear of backlash. Weird, especially since it is “International Women’s Month.” Why is that?

Maybe this just hasn’t caught up to them yet. Maybe they have theirs and are moving on.” Tough luck for you women coming behind us!” Or maybe they have bought into the concept.

And that’s something I can’t understand. I understand letting adults become different genders if they want. Live and let live. But I often wonder if there is an ulterior motive behind the whole blending of gender thing. Stick with me for a minute.

Who would find this situation a good thing for anyone?

If we remember that much of what could be a Communist/One World Order “revolution” is about culture, then blending genders in defiance of nature is an attempt to remove any absolute beliefs from those leaders wish to rule. Think about this, if our society can be made to believe that NO belief, gender, sexual mores, truth, law and order, religion, is absolute, then the ruling class can get away with anything they want. This is part of a test to see how fast we will throw away our values and common sense. They start with our most vulnerable, our children.

In our classrooms, children are taught that sex and gender are artificial constructs and that they should question their gender every day. They are also taught that this country is an evil country, full of oppression and racial hatred. It is the ultimate in grooming performed by people who intentionally or unintentionally are teaching them whatever they do is acceptable. You will see Lia Thomas on a poster in your child’s classroom soon. *

There are no absolutes anymore. And when no one believes in anything, even the most heinous of crimes and practices are acceptable. We see Hunter Biden’s laptop FILLED with images of perversion, drug abuse and possible pedophilia, and yet he still walks free and people still defend him. His father, who was part of his criminality, is still installed in the White House.

If one speaks out, they are insulted and called evil. What a strange perversion of the truth. Right is wrong, good is bad, truth is lies.

The bottom line is that we are being groomed. Our children are being groomed. And Lia Thomas is part of that grooming.

While that is happening, our enemies and even our friends in other countries are shaking their heads and laughing at us. We always told everyone and ourselves that we stood for freedom and what is right and moral. Many have said, “If it happens in the United States, the world is doomed.”

It’s happening in the United States.

This is more than just a battle against the unfairness of men competing against women. It’s a battle of right vs. wrong, good vs. evil. And the left has chosen the wrong side. That’s why the pink pussy hats are packed away.

Which side will the rest of us choose?

As Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

( Links for background on this blog are included.)

*Since apparently every time I talk about what is being taught in the classrooms there are some who believe I am making teachers look like the “bad guys.” It’s not true. I am pointing out that what teachers are being asked to do in classrooms is wrong.



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