Your Kids Will Be Stupid, And They Will Be Happy

“You’ll own nothing and be happy,” is a catchphrase that originated from a 2016 essay by Danish MP Ida Auken which was included in the video, “8 Predictions for the World in 2030,” by the World Economic Forum. As of 2022, the essay has been removed from the WEF’s website. With good reason. It doesn’t sit well with most people that the elite of Davos have decided how the rest of us will live our lives.

I’m changing this quote to describe the current state of schools in our county and probably the rest of the country. “Your kids will be stupid but they will be happy.”

In the Fall of 2021, fifteen percent of Maryland public school students tested proficient on recent state tests in math. Approximately 30% tested proficient in reading. That’s PROFICIENT, which is generally defined as “being able to do something well.” Educators will try to rebrand the word in order to make it seem like proficient is a word that would describe Einstein. Or, they will just weave around it with word salad so that they don’t define it as anything. I wonder if they can define what a “woman” is? Probably not.

Regardless of the definition that ANYONE uses, the test scores indicate that our kids are failing to make educational progress and that we are failing them. If you read the scores another way, 85% of our children are not proficient in math and 70% are not proficient in reading. That means it is likely that YOUR child or grandchild, regardless of grades on a report card, is not able to do grade appropriate math or reading.

One would think that local school systems seeing these scores would be alarmed and go into hyperdrive to find a way to provide more instruction in those areas. To quote Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue when he is screaming at bar owners whose businesses are losing money at astonishing rates, ” Get off your ass and do something!” Of course, John then spends a week creating processes and plans to help the owners make the failing bar successful.

But, like lazy business owners, there seems to be no urgency among our educational leaders to fix this atrocity. The State Superintendent of Maryland, Mohammed Choudhury, had this tepid response in December of 2021: ‘The preliminary data confirms what we anticipated: learning suffered during the pandemic, and we must be innovative, collaborative, and bold to accelerate student achievement and support mental, social and emotional health.”

Let’s dissect that statement. First, one wonders why, if this was anticipated, the state and local schools didn’t get in front of the situation and try to prevent this extreme loss of learning as quickly as possible. If you anticipate your house will burn down, don’t you fix the problem BEFORE it happens? They had almost two years to generate solutions. Nada. Nothing innovative, collaborative, or bold here.

It’s a famous practice in education, “admiring the problem.” It’s where educators create a problem, talk about the problem, pretend to solve the problem, and eventually make the problem worse. And then they ask for more money and control to solve the problem.

They’ve done it for years with minority achievement. Minority achievement became a problem around the time when the Great Society was created. So, after creating the problem, they talked about how to get minority students to achieve more, they pretended to solve the problem, and then they made the problem worse. So, despite all the Superintendents recently discovering the systemic racism of the systems they have worked in for over twenty years, low minority achievement is a construct and a plan of the educational bureaucracy. They make money off of it. If they really cared about the problem, it would be fixed by now.

And now, as our children are falling into a deep chasm of low achievement, they are doing it again. And they know they are doing it.

All one needs to do is look at what is happening with the millions of dollars of ESSR III money that came into the school systems. In our local system alone, ESSR III was over 8 million dollars. This money was given to the system for the grant period of 2020 through 2024. However, the budget was created and approved in August of 2021.

One would expect that a majority of these funds would be spent on academics; books, instructional materials, etc. In reality, it was only 20% or approximately $400,000. And that money is meant to be spent over fiscal years 22, 23, and 24. So, this year the money spent on instructional materials was $99,000. What surprises me about that is the lack of urgency to get materials THIS year to start getting kids back on track THIS year. The longer we wait, the worse the educational gap will grow.

David Grissmer, an education researcher at University of Virginia, addressed the issue of the educational gaps between different groups of children. A gap of one standard deviation in first grade is usually the same at 8th grade. But, the difference in the amount of learning that makes one standard deviation at 8th grade is far greater. (1)

Another theory is that the longer you wait to address gaps in children’s reading ability, the wider the gaps get and the harder they are to narrow. (1) So, imagine how bad the gap is for our children who have had their education interrupted of delayed for up to two years at this point. One would think that the alarms would be sounding and the educators would be calling for “all hands on deck” to address academic gaps. There would be no waiting, not six months, not a year, and certainly not till 2024.

Anecdotally, teachers tell us this is not the case. A look at the budgets and materials and programs purchased proves them right. It’s clear that the drive to get the kids caught up academically is on the back burner.

Instead, the children are having other issues being dealt with to the exclusion of academics. Remember, a school day is approximately 6-8 hours. Take out lunch time, classroom interruptions, non-academic activities, etc. and you can knock two hours off that time. The remaining time is divided between different subjects, and math and reading are just part of the agenda.

So, maybe education administrations, knowing that the gap is there and time is precious, would slash anything off the agenda that doesn’t promote academic learning. Of course, subjects like music, art and physical education must have their time. But, honestly, those subjects are not daily classes. And, many would argue that they augment learning.

What does impact academic time is time spent on social issues and psychological “feel good” programs. In the case of social issues, or CRT, this time divides children and causes them to act out on the racial animus they have been taught. When a child thinks that other children are keeping him from getting what he wants, he gets angry. This could be why behavior problems and violence are increasing exponentially across our state and country. Of course, educators lie and say that CRT doesn’t exist in the classrooms, but a look in school libraries and classroom lessons proves otherwise.

Even more insidious is the overemphasis on counseling, psychological services, and implementation of school programs intended to make kids “feel better” about themselves. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 10.4 percent increase employment growth for school psychologists in the next eight years. And this projection was made before the glut of Federal and State funding to schools for these jobs.

This is why we see a system budgeting over $500,000 for psychological services and $300,000 for student services in their ESSR III budget. That’s twice as much as what was budgeted for instructional materials. And while the instructional materials funding was spread out for three more years, the psychological services were budgeted for RIGHT NOW.

This supports stories teachers share about the glut of psychologists wandering around the public schools, interrupting classes to pull students to play basketball, eat pizza and candy or just sit around and talk. It also explains why, when children act out angrily by throwing furniture, lashing out at others and destroying school property, there’s always a psychologist standing by to justify the behavior.

It also explains why materials such as this book series, “A Little Spot of Emotions” is now a mainstay in classrooms, along with fidget spinners, foam balls and safe space teepees. All purchased through ESSR funding.

To be clear, I’m not against kids getting help dealing with mental issues they are having. What I am against is the full court press to either find or create these issues in order to justify the spending on psychologists, counselors, and books about feelings. Meanwhile, instruction is secondary on the agenda.

They are not solving the problems THEY created with mask mandates and quarantine practices that made children afraid and cost them valuable time in school. In fact, they are making them worse.

This leads me to believe that they WANT it that way. Just like I think they wanted minority achievement to ALWAYS be an issue. Why would they want that?

Go back to the initial statement of this blog. If the goal of the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset, the Davos group, etc. is that we will own nothing and be happy, these educational tactics fit right in.

I’m sure you are questioning the fact that this could be part of a global initiative to destroy our society and that our local school systems are participating. You have to remember that the systems are NOT making the rules. They are merely fulfilling the requirements of the money being sent to them by the Federal and State governments. I don’t believe any teacher, principal, etc. wants their students to lose valuable educational growth. I believe they think they are doing what the “experts” tell them to do. Somewhat like people believing Fauci and the CDC about Covid.

But, like Fauci and the CDC, there are parties who know exactly what is happening. Teachers Unions, many government officials, all will gain in money and power if our children are uneducated, mentally damaged, and stupid. The Unions will be able to keep pushing for more staff, more teachers, more funding, which means more dues for them and more political power to their union. Even local government officials, superintendents, etc. will be able to demand more pay and tax increases under the guise of solving the problem. Look at Maryland’s Blueprint for Education and you will see that happening. (By the way, this also means Superintendents will be able to move from their jobs as Superintendents to OTHER jobs that provide more power and high pay. Always pay attention to which jobs retired superintendents get after they retire. It’s very interesting.)

The only people who don’t gain are the children. But that’s okay for the elites because stupid people are controllable people. If students aren’t adequately educated, they grow up to be stupid people in low level jobs who will believe whatever their government masters tell them. It makes them easier to fool with propaganda, easier to pit them against each other, etc. Ignorant people will follow the worst of dictators. They will never know history (especially as Marxists rewrite it or remove it.) Look at China. Look at North Korea.

Since time began, dictators have wanted the people they rule to be kept poor, dumb, and happy to pick up any crumbs the dictators will give them.

This is what our children are being set up for. The children of the elite won’t miss out on education. They will continue to get the best education money and power can buy. They may not be any smarter than your child, but they will have advantages your child won’t have. They will be sheltered from having to “be happy” with their low station in life and substandard living conditions.

You parents, you are the only ones who can stand up for your children. You are the only ones who want what is best for the children. Yes, there are teachers who feel the same way, but often their hands are tied because they are given an impossible job of taking kids who are two to three years behind academically and bringing them up to grade level in one year. And not just one kid in their class, but ten to twenty kids in their class. And it gets worse as kids are passed through each grade level, because schools won’t hold kids back any more.

It’s time for the public to have a more active role in the creation of these budgets, local and grant funded, as well as opportunities to review how money is spent. By the way, did you know that EACH employee in a local school system got $1200 sent to them this year? I didn’t. I’m not sure where the money came from and why they got it, but it happened. It’s not that they don’t deserve it, but I have to question why this has been kept so quiet.

Most people wouldn’t mind that stipend if they knew that the system was laser focused on academics and making sure our kids aren’t stunted educationally for the rest of their lives. But it’s clear they aren’t, especially when one hears certain administrators bemoaning the fact that they haven’t found enough things to spend the ESSR III money on and if they don’t spend it soon, it will be taken back. Hey, guys, how about some extra math or reading materials? Or some books about the great history of this country?

Again, it’s clear the bottom line is not about getting our children the education they need to become independent, knowledgeable adults who can achieve the life they want, not the life some government bureaucrat allows them to have.

Start getting involved in changing what is going on or in educating your own child.

Happiness is meaningless if you don’t have control of your life and the freedom to make your own way. And, it really isn’t possible to be a slave and be happy. No matter what the group at Davos says.

This is the quote from Danish MP Ida Auken, member of the World Economic Forum:

“I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes,” writes Danish MP Ida Auken. Shopping is a distant memory in the city of 2030, whose inhabitants have cracked clean energy and borrow what they need on demand. It sounds utopian, until she mentions that her every move is tracked and outside the city live swathes of discontents, the ultimate vision of a society split in two.


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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. This is sadly true. Our society, via our children, are being indoctrinated by the Puppet Masters. They are focusing on our “differences” in order to divide us. We should be encouraging and celebrating our individuality and working together. No. This is part of the plan to divide and conquer.
    The elitist ruling class is implementing the Hegelian Dialectic to twist logic to conform to the goal. (EX. If your view of a subject (Ex.: Slavery) is different than my view (on Slavery) then we both need to become Slaves for “equality.”) Twisted? YES!; however, it confuses the reality and the truth and results in Ruling Class’s desired outcome.
    Folks….we are being played.
    It is time to come together for the sake of our Children and for the sake of our Freedom!!!

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