Eckardt Thinks We are Stupid- Second Edition

I wrote this blog last December in response to the fact that State Senator Eckardt wasn’t responding to emails I and other people sent to her regarding mandates. When her staff did respond, it was with the same non-specific generic, politically correct crap politicians spew.

I did some research and found some videos of interviews with Addie about this issue. There are links below. In these interviews, Addie said some things about her constituents (like me) who didn’t support vaccine mandates. So I did what I do, I wrote about it.

Last night, our Family Advocacy Alliance had a candidate’s forum for those running for local office such as County Council and Board of Education. We invited a few other candidates such as Johnny Mautz (running for State Senate) and Nicole Acle (running for State Delegate in 37B, and Tom Hutchinson, also running for delegate in 37B). The last three candidates had been at local events and some of our meetings.

You have to understand that Addie had NEVER shown up at any of our meetings or even pretended to know we were having meetings.I guess education and parental rights isn’t a big deal to her. But she showed up last night out of the clear blue.

I wonder why? Why would a State Senator that I had not seen for at least a year suddenly come to a meeting? I know why, but you will have to read to the end to find out what I think.

(Clue, it may be because of Johnny Mautz)

Get in the Way Back Machine for Last December’s Blog Entry:

State Senator Addie Eckardt believes her constituents are a bunch of rubes who can’t think for themselves.

The first time I met Addie was in a Republican Committee Meeting at the Easton Fire Hall. It was memorable. I mentioned that I thought the Democrats were using Covid 19 as a way to make political moves and a switch went off in her head and she started yelling at me about how stupid I was, how this was the worst disease ever, the vaccines were amazing, and she can’t believe that we would listen to medical professionals who disagree. I put up my hand while she screeched and walked away.

I don’t know if she had a bad day, if she was overly tired, or I hit her trigger point, but it was clear that yelling at a constituent she had never met before was okay with her. I knew then that I would NEVER vote for this person for anything ever again.

So, fast forward to yesterday. I got a copy of the article and video below. While I was shocked that any politician would say what she said on the record, it didn’t surprise me that Senator Eckardt would say that. It’s a paraphrase of what she said to me that night.

As you watch the video, you’ll hear her devolve over time from being politically correct and saying that people don’t understand to the point where she actually calls the people she represents, rural folk, uneducated. She calls parents who live down here, “misinformed.” She’s angry that we would dare to be non-compliant to her and all of our other government masters as they put the hard sell on us to get this experimental DNA therapy injected into us and our children. After all, she’s told us it’s safe. And she used to be a nurse. That should be good enough. It’s not.

She even derides other medical professionals, some much more accomplished than she, for providing the needed information about the jab that the public has a need and right to know. Some of them are Nobel Prize winners and well respected world wide. I think one of them is Ben Carson. He has a bit of medical cred, don’t you think Addie?

To hear her talk about those nurses and doctors who have followed their personal moral and professional ethics and given up their jobs rather than take or promote this shot, you would think they were a bunch of gap toothed snake oil salesmen and women. All because they disagree with her.

Listening to her talk to her other committee members, especially those from the other side of the bridge, you might think she actually cared about us. But then, as she continues you see that all she is doing is attempting to distance herself from us. The implication is that it’s not her that is the problem, but these stupid people she represents. Another politician who just wants to be one of the “popular kids.” The Democrats will still hate you, Addie. Remember that. You’ll never be one of them.

But, she tries to fit in. She states that the mandates are coming. She pretends that she doesn’t want them either but, oh well. She says that this gene therapy is the same as any other vaccine from the past. It’s not. VAERS data show us that it is not. Is she unable or unwilling to look at the overwhelming data about the many adverse reactions to the shot? Has she missed the video of Fauci telling us that this is an “experiment” and we are the participants?

Or maybe she’s not as smart as she thinks she is.

Here’s the thing Addie. I haven’t known you long, but from what I see you are just another elitist politician who enjoys ruling. You like the power, the influence, and perhaps the money.

And it’s time for you to go.

You don’t realize that the people who question the jab here on the Shore and everywhere are professionals, accomplished people with IQ’s that dwarf yours. They are parents, teachers, medical staff, etc. who have researched the topic, looked at all sides, and made a decision for themselves and their children. You won’t even LISTEN to us, just like you wouldn’t listen the day I met you.

Like a child with your hands over your ears shouting “la la la” while we talk, you have no respect for us, our ideas, our thoughts. How immature, especially for a woman of your age and experience. We expect more, and we aren’t getting it. We expect you to fight for our Constitutional rights, and you won’t.

You have lost touch with us and because of that, you no longer represent us.

If you are counting on our votes to re-elect you next year, forget it. We are tired of you and your ilk.

And we will vote you out.

Oh, and as a side note, how about you and our delegation meet with us and have a press conference over this topic? We challenge you to do that. Put your disregard for us out there so we can hear it in person.

We’ll wait.

By the way, if you’d like to contact me, my contact info is available. Be ready, because I am a thinking, educated person. And it won’t be pretty if you try that screeching thing again. You can find me on Larry Hogan’s list of “fringe whackos.” I’m there right next to Dan Cox, a gubernatorial candidate who believes in the Constitution.

I’ll wait.

But, since I’m one of those rural rubes you dislike so much, I won’t hold my breath.

Back to the present.

I promised I would tell you why Addie is suddenly showing up like some kind of pink royalty out to grace us with her presence.

It’s obvious. Addie has a Republican opponent for State Senate. And it’s not just ANY opponent, it’s someone who is popular here on the Shore, who gets out and listens to people, who works to understand and fix the issues we have with State Government. Someone who respects us AND our opinions.

You see, Johnny Mautz is running against Addie. And from what I see, he is making a HUGE impact on the voters here on the Shore.

And so now Addie has decided to show up. It may be too late. Marching in a parade in Oxford and coming to ONE meeting isn’t going to cut it.

We aren’t that stupid. We see right through you. We’re kind of pissed.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

6 thoughts on “Eckardt Thinks We are Stupid- Second Edition”

  1. Agree, time for her to go! Any healthcare professional without the ability or will to acknowledge and analyze the potential dangers posed by these experimental “vaccines” for our children and others is out of touch. One cannot ignore the history of Big Pharma, Gates and others’ experimentation and the devastating consequences described in Robert Kennedy, Jr book.
    Also, serious and dangerous conditions in Senator Eckardt’s own county schools go far beyond Covid and she will not even discuss them. I’ve tried!

  2. Thank you Jan for this update. I’d become enlightened to Addie Eckardt’s Liberalism talking to her about 15 years ago as she waxed eloquently as a Socialist discussing her social remedies.

  3. Jan Again spot on and Thank you for this blog. We are with you. As we discussed yesterday let’s work on her replacement- Johnny or Shari or? But not Addie

    Addie has never had blow back like this before and at her age she may not run again!


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