Normalizing the Abhorrent

I wrote this blog entry in February 2021. I saw things happening then that I couldn’t believe THEN. NOW I see even worse things going on EVERY SINGLE DAY.

They want OUR CHILDREN and want to GROOM them for PEDOPHILES.

As a child, I never was exposed to many of the adult themes and knowledge that kids are exposed to now. Nowadays, we see children as young as those in Kindergarten being told about sex and even how they can change sexes if they feel like a different sex than what they are biologically.

It seems to be part of a campaign in the last thirty years to make things that were once considered abnormal, normal. To be clear, if you are an adult and you are gay, a transexual, a transvestite, etc. I am not talking about you and your preferences for yourself or with a consenting adult partner. I say live and let live.

But, when it comes to children, I draw a huge, red line.

I will never consider abortion normal. In my opinion, there are too many ways to prevent pregnancy for anyone to have a child they aren’t ready for. Not to use them is irresponsible. But, if you should fail to use them, I would hope that you would consider allowing the child to have a life with another family who would adopt him/her. No baby deserves to be killed.

And now, with different states allowing babies to be killed even at nine months, the only moral choice is to allow the child life.

Equally or even more frightening is the slow moral crawl towards pedophilia being normalized. We watch young children sexualized while some experts are moving to make ” man boy love” and other pedophiliac pursuits as just a sexual preference. They have national conferences. They ask us to pity pedophiles. Saturday Night Live the other night had a comedy sketch where pedophilia was the punch line of the joke. This is not just unacceptable, it is disgusting.

Consider the recent discovery of Epstein’s Island and the transportation there, the Lolita express. As we hear more and more, it’s clear that political, business, and entertainment personalities have participated in that sick enterprise. We have even seen the daughters of political appointees and elected officials allow their daughters to be publicly “caressed” by a Vice President of the United States. His defenders passed it off to ” that’s just how old Joe is. He’s a hugger. ” No, he’s not just a hugger. He’s an inappropriate old man using his office to manhandle young girls. His son has been accused of sexually assaulting underage girls. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Lest I am accused of being biased, I also point out the recent arrest of a Republican operative for pedophilia. Apparently sick crosses party lines.

It makes you wonder if this is just part of the normalization of the most despicable of acts. When will start to see shows and movies portraying pedophiles in a sympathetic light? When will the AMA and the APA write articles stating that this is just another sexual preference? When will judges start removing charges from pedophiles based on their abusive childhood? ( Side note: When will we see a Supreme Court Judge confirmed who made a habit of reducing sentences of child pornographers? When will a company that entices children and their families promote teaching young children about SEX? Oh wait, that has already happened.)

I hope I am wrong. But, if you examine all of the things that would have been considered wrong thirty years ago and their journeys to normalcy, you may see the similarity.

God help us if that happens.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

One thought on “Normalizing the Abhorrent”

  1. You are correct in stating that pedophilia is abhorrent. It is here. The children are being groomed. Families are being indoctrinated and critical thinking is being obliterated. Instead, we are becoming an indoctrinated society which vilifies thinking and promotes “feelings.” Our children are being “dumbed down” and parents are being removed from the decision making.
    We have arrived at the juncture that requires a decision.
    There is no time left to be complacent. Do not be bullied. Your children and our country are too valuable.
    The time is NOW.

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