Democrat Wannabe Scolds Trump Supporters: Yes, It’s Larry Hogan Again

Larry Hogan dragged his three chins across the country yesterday to speak at the Reagan Presidential Library.

Ronald Reagan was probably doing a little more than spinning in his grave. He was probably clawing his hands to get out so he could punch Larry Hogan. He certainly would not have approved of Hogan’s tirade.

And, if he read the article in the Washington Com-Post he would have been furious.

See, Larry decided to declare himself as the new face of the Republican Party. This is funny because he polled at BELOW 0% at the recent CPAC. It’s as though people not only didn’t vote for him, they begged and pleaded to vote against him.

In his interview, Larry decided to start out by slamming Trump and even Ron DeSantis calling the latter a “cheap impersonation” of the 45th President. He boldly predicted that Republicans wouldn’t win the White House if we supported Trump in 2024. He presented a “sharply worded speech” that demanded a “course correction” and a “more hopeful leader. The Post then proclaimed Hogan as a potential contender in 2024. Boy, he’d better get humping. Less than zero percent isn’t going to go far.

This is no new course for Larry, who decided a while back that he just didn’t like Trump. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because Trump has balls and Hogan, well, he doesn’t. He proclaimed Trump’s term as “the worst four years for the GOP Party since the 1930’s, even worse that Watergate.”

He may be right. After all, Trump exposed all the RINO’s like Hogan and didn’t sing along with Mitch and the boys to toe the party line. He actually wanted to do good things for this country. He built a strong economy, a strong defense, and a strong presence in the world. And the Uniparty (Dems and Repubs) in Washington and Larry in Annapolis HATED that. They preferred an aging, senile fool named Biden who would drool his oatmeal all over them as he pinched their cute little cheeks. Trump didn’t kiss their asses.

If we are going to be fair, let’s talk about the eight-year term of Mr. Hogan and judge its effectiveness and leadership. In eight years can you name ONE THING that Larry and the gang (including Kelly Schulz) have done to make this state and the lives of its citizens better? Have taxes gone down? Are our schools better? Is crime reduced? Did Larry even TRY? Nope. He just sighed and said his hands were tied.

But he did lower bridge tolls. Way to go Larr. Whoopee!

Not only did he NOT do anything good, but he also almost destroyed the state with his Covid lockdowns and mandates. The Committee to Unleash Prosperity and the Wall Street Journal gave him a “D” in his actions regarding the economy during and after the Pandemic and Maryland ranked 48 out of 50 in education during and after that time. All because Larry liked being “large and in charge.” Little fat boy complex don’t ya know.

He called Trump a loser. Even if you think the election was legit, which it wasn’t, Trump won at least 74 million votes in the election. Below Zero Larry really hates that. If Trump is such a loser, Larry, how did he get that many votes? Better rethink that. You also might want to pay attention to how Trump endorsed candidates are doing in many state and local races. Maybe that is what gets you upset because Candidate Barbie Schulz is losing in the polls to Dan Cox. She won’t even debate him. I guess she’s fearful of hearing the voices of real Maryland citizens and that scares her. How will she answer their questions? I don’t see this ending well. Your fall off the wall is coming. Strap up!

It seems that you have an obsession with Trump, Larry. I mean, seriously, you tell Republicans to move on, but you can’t. It’s like you want to be like him so much but you just can’t. It’s actually pathetic.

Here’s the bottom line, Larry. I don’t care how many times you speak at Reagan’s library or create a fundraising arm for your Presidential aspirations, you are NOT getting the nomination. You say that you got the votes of Blacks, Hispanics and Independents in this state. I wonder how many you would get now. Better not poll small businesses or the middle-class Conservatives. And those Dems who “love” you. They can’t wait to see you gone.

See, here’s the difference between you and Trump. You are a “make nice” RINO who just wants all the popular kids to love him while he reaches his hand across the aisle and gets NOTHING done. Your supporters are the same. You and they love the status quo. (Yes, I’m pointing at YOU Republican Central Committee.) You’re so afraid to stand for Conservative values, to speak the truth, and to fight. In short, you’re a wuss.

And you hate us, the normal, average working people who want someone to fight for them. You called us “fringe whackos.” You insult us, abuse us, and almost destroyed us. We won’t forget.

Trump, for all his flaws, cares about this country and real people, not the big-time fundraisers and political operatives you (and Ms. Schulz) love so much. He puts America first, something you find hard to stomach. Remember all the millions on faulty Korean Covid tests? And he fights for us. He has balls.

You don’t.

Your article in the Post just reconfirmed it.

So, take your minus rating and waddle on out of here. And take Candidate Barbie Schulz with you.

We’ll stick with fighters. Like Trump, like DeSantis, like Dan Cox. (

If you like to punish yourself, read Little Lord Larry’s story here.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

4 thoughts on “Democrat Wannabe Scolds Trump Supporters: Yes, It’s Larry Hogan Again”

  1. Spot on once again Jan! Lock down Larry will do worse in a national election then the real democrat o’malley did. Will be fun to watch; but like a good rino he and his ilk won’t learn from it.

    Thank you for another excellent article!

  2. Hogan’s remarks are totally unacceptable. His hatred of Trump makes Hogan look and sound like some spoiled brat that’s not getting his way. I voted for the man twice, not because I thought he was great, it was because to other choice was worse.

  3. Thank you for stating the truth!
    Larry Hogan/Lockdown Larry is not a Republican. He is a (big) lap dog for the Dems. They are using Lockdown Larry and Larry’s playmate (Schultz) to play the people of Maryland.
    It is passed time to clean house in Maryland. Purge all of the Socialists, the Rinos and the Frauds like Hogan, Schultz et al.
    We are awake, we know the truth and we will never forget!

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