Parents’ Rights are Extremist

I had no idea.

I had no idea that speaking up to school boards, in meetings, on social media, about preserving parental rights was extremist.

Until someone told me it was.

I was talking to a political candidate about a forum our parents’ group was having. The candidate told me something shocking. He told me he had been warned about us by another candidate because we are “a right-wing extremist group.”

I laughed when he said it. I laughed because this “extremist group” of parents and community members are moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles, and just people who believe in the Constitution. In our meetings, we talk about issues surrounding the education of our children, and how education has started to turn into indoctrination.

There are no threats of violence. There is no nasty name calling. There are no violent protests planned.

But we are extremists.

If you disagree with the leftist, Marxist agenda, you are an extremist also. And it’s not only the Democrats that think that way, it’s the Republicans. In fact, they are worse. Remember that politician who was told about our parents’ group? He was told by another Republican not to be associated with us and show up at our forum to speak. Obviously it was a Republican who goes along with the middle of the road, stand up for nothing philosophy. You know, a so-called moderate.

I have several suspects in this scenario. There are a couple of Republican officials who have not appreciated our demand for accountability and action. They worry more about fooling the voter into electing them than they do about actually representing the people. So they label us “extremists.”

We aren’t the only ones.

If you don’t want children taught sexual acts and preferences in school; you are an extremist.

If you don’t want to divide children into “oppressors” and “victims” by skin color in school; you are an extremist.

If you think discipline and accountability is important for ALL officials and citizens; you are an extremist.

If you believe in a parent’s right to control what happens to their minor child; you are an extremist.

Think there are only two genders? Yup. Extremist.

Want government officials to be accountable to citizens? To cut needless spending? To stop allowing teachers’ unions to control education? To stop unconstitutional mandates? Extremist, extremist, extremist, extremist.

And we can’t even mention the election fraud of the 2020 election, the total incompetency of the current White House and Congress, or the First and Second Amendment. If we do, we are extremists.

Don’t believe in funding Ukraine with BILLIONS of dollars while people here in our country are suffering from the devastating effects of inflation? Extremist.

Support the military, police, or first responders? Extremist.

Worst of all, if you quote the Bible or say the name of Jesus, you are an extremist.

Add the fact that you believe that the 2nd Amendment is vital for us to protect our Constitutional rights as citizens, well then you are a “violent” extremist, even though you have never and will never commit a crime with a gun you legally own.

We are in good company. Any person who ever fought for freedom would be considered an extremist by the tyrants in their country. In 1776, they fought King George. In World War II they fought Hitler. In 1989, they fought at Tiananmen Square in China.

They are still fighting in China as the CCP locks citizens in apartments and conducts ethnic cleansing on Uyghurs.

There are many other countries with people fighting to be free. Venezuela, Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, and many others.

Would any of the Democrat Marxists in our country call the people fighting for freedom in these countries “extremists?”

The word “extremist” and the phrase “right wing” are now being used as a bludgeon in our country to suppress “unwoke” opinions.

In her book, Actively Unwoke, The Ultimate Guide for Fighting Back Against the Woke Insanity in Your Life, author Karlyn Borysenko states: ” The most important thing you need to understand about the woke in this country is that, for their leaders, everything is about power. EVERYTHING. And the easiest way to gain power over another human being is to scare them into silence.”

So, they use many tactics. One way is to call anyone that disagrees with them a politically charged name; racist, white supremacist, whatever-a-phobe, Nazi, and any other nasty designation. This is their strongest tactic because even the most mentally deficient among them can shout the nasty name du jour any time they want to shut down opposition. And these same mental midgets employ these names on social media in the same way, especially if you present them with facts. ( side note, they will do this with terrible spelling and non-existent grammar.)

They think the labels will shut you down. They hope they will shut you up. They use the labels with individuals, organized groups (like our education group) and many other Conservative activist groups to stop them, belittle them, delegitimize them.

It’s working with some. I was told the other day that several national groups fighting for parental rights were considered “too radical” in their cause, even though those groups have done nothing more than promote teaching without indoctrination. Even though they merely want Boards to listen to their concerns and have appeared in front of Boards to speak. Remember, the National Association of School Boards got Merit Garland, the U.S. Attorney General, to focus the FBI on parents who speak at Board of Education meetings. This while ignoring truly violent groups like Antifa and BLM. This scares some people away. No one wants a nasty label.

A label only works if you let it, if you believe it, if you internalize it. As Borysenko says, ” In order to become actively unwoke, you must get over any fear you have of being called a *racist, knowing that the accusation itself says more about the person making it than if does about you. No matter what anyone says or what they try to convince you of, you have to believe with every fiber of your being that what they are saying is absolute bunk. Do not let them trick you! Stand your ground. Know you’re doing the right thing.” *you can insert any label here.

I agree with her almost completely. My only split with her is that I think sometimes you need to take the label and redefine it based on others who have fought these fights before. Realize that your beliefs, the ones they don’t want you to express, are what they despise so much that they want them silenced. And that’s why they call you an extremist.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says it another way:

Yeah, they call her extremist too.

Pretty good company if you ask me.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

2 thoughts on “Parents’ Rights are Extremist”

  1. Thank you for telling the truth once again!
    Consider this: The ones calling you an extremist are actually the ones advocating Marxist Ideologies, divide and conquer, division and hatred. Another issue that must be faced is that they are the “groomers” of our children.
    Parents will not let this stand. Once they realize what is being done, they will be labeled too.
    Wear the “label” as a badge of honor! It means that you are standing up for your values and children!

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