A Great Reason to Vote for Dan Cox

I knew the first time I heard Dan Cox that I wanted to support his run for Governor of Maryland. Dan is a strong Constitutional lawyer who supports the rights of citizens, is against mandates, promotes parental rights, wants to lower taxes to ease the burden on the working people of Maryland, and who supports law enforcement. I had never had a candidate such as Dan that I could vote for in Maryland, which has turned into a state almost as radically left as California.

Please don’t try to tell me I had Larry Hogan. That is laughable and terribly wrong. Larry Hogan was never a strong Conservative or candidate. He won because the Democrats nominated the weakest candidate I had ever seen since Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. Hogan won because his predecessor was so unpopular, he couldn’t even register a “zero” in the Democrat Presidential poll.

And we know what Larry ended up being. Aside from lowering bridge tolls, Larry’s legacy is that he rolled over in every difficult fight with the legislature, imposed a lockdown of small businesses in the State, enacted Unconstitutional vaccine and mask mandates, and pandered to Biden and his cartel. He even went to Davos to conspire with the World Economic Forum.

To say the least, Larry was Democrat light mixed with a side order of petulant tyrant. His carbon copy, Kelly Schulz, will be just like him.

Dan came along like a breath of fresh air. He’s a staunch Constitutional Conservative. He carries an endorsement from President Trump. He also got an endorsement from Talbot County Sheriff Joe Gamble, an honorable man who doesn’t make political endorsements. He is one of the most popular Sheriffs I have even seen, so much so that no one ran against him in our county. He is a man who doesn’t give support to a politician lightly.

There are many other endorsements for Dan, too many to list here. And, unlike Kelly Schulz, he didn’t have to call every single public official in Maryland to strong arm them to endorse.

But there is even one more reason why I will vote for Dan Cox. His running mate, Gordana Schifanelli.

In the past, the Lt. Governor candidate has been somewhat of a throwaway. Selections were made based on which person would do the LEAST to hurt the main candidate. Face it, can you name the current Lt. Governor? I can, but it’s not because the gentleman has done anything or inspired anyone. He has been in office for eight years and I have NEVER heard him speak.

This is not by accident. Most Governors don’t want a Lt. Governor who does anything. They want a Lt. Governor that will stay out of their way, their limelight. Their fragile egos won’t allow anything else.

Presidential candidates do the same thing. Obama knew Joe Biden would never outshine him. Biden’s handlers knew Kamala Harris was even more clueless than he is. Even Trump’s pick, Mike Pence, was just a placeholder.

The first Governor who broke this mold was Glen Younkin in Virginia, whose pick for Lt. Governor, Winsome Sears, is as much of a political force as he is. I respect him for that.

And I respect Dan Cox for doing the same with Gordana. In a recent interview he talked about how he had seen her speak, learned her story, and knew she would be a great Lt. Governor. He saw the dynamism, the passion she has, and how she commands the room when she speaks. She is fearless.

It’s no wonder. She grew up in a Communist country and escaped as a young woman through the war-torn landscape with little more than a backpack and a change of clothes. She came to the United States with her husband, Marc, and worked to get a Law degree to add to her degrees from Yugoslavia ( PHD in Economics and Masters in Finance). She taught as an adjunct professor at the Naval Academy and single handedly engineered a write in campaign that got four Conservative candidates elected to the Queen Anne’s County School Board. All this while raising three boys!

But to appreciate Gordana, you have to hear her speak.

Gordana Schifanelli: Who Is Influencing Our Children’s Education? (rumble.com)

Hear that? That’s someone who believes what she says, has the knowledge to back it up, and can convey the message to others.

And people love her for it.

That could be disconcerting for a candidate at the top of the ticket, especially if that candidate is not secure in his own qualifications, talents, and abilities.

And that’s why I am so impressed with Dan Cox. I am sure he knows he has a superstar running with him. A lesser man would be thrown by this, would try to muzzle and hide his running mate. He would want the spotlight only on him. We have seen it time after time.

But Dan IS secure in who he is and what he has as a gubernatorial candidate. His ego is directed to the goal of improving this state, protecting the rights of its citizens, and assuring that tyranny no longer shows its ugly head as it has under the Hogan regime. He has all the knowledge of the law, the Constitution, and how the government of Maryland works. He has passion for his cause too, but he expresses it in action steps. His speaking gift is clarity and focus. And he’s not afraid of a Lt. Governor who can stand side by side with him, help him get elected and take the state back to what it should be, a state run by the people, not career politicians and special interests. He is a superstar also!

This ticket has two amazing people striving for the same goal, saving Maryland. Dan Cox will be an amazing Governor and Gordana will be an amazing second in command.

And that’s just one reason I will vote for him. He’s not flashy. His ego is not on display. But he is fearless. And we need fearless right now!

Radio Free Oxford endorses Dan Cox and Gordana Schifanelli for Governor/Lt. Governor of Maryland

Go here to see his positions on issues:

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. I strongly believe that the only way for Maryland (and our Nation) to begin to dismantle the Deep State take over is to elect strong Constitutional Candidates at EVERY LEVEL of government. From the School Boards, County Councils, Mayors, and ALL state and local letislative positions.
    Dan Cox and Gordanna Schifanelli exemplify these traits.
    The People are Waking Up!
    We will not tolerate the loss of our Freedoms.
    We will not tolerate the loss of our Republic.
    We are AWAKE and We will be heard!
    I support the Cox/Schifanelli Team.
    Let’s take back Maryland and take back our Country!

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