We Must Protect Those Who Protect Us- Guest Contributor- Sheriff Joe Gamble

And we must elect those who will commit to them also. The Maryland Primary is July 19th!

This is Deputy First Class Glenn Hilliard who was killed in the line of duty on June 13, 2022 while attempting to apprehend a fugitive who was wanted on multiple felony warrants in multiple jurisdictions. Deputy Glenn Hilliard was a son, a husband, and a father to three children, a brother to those he worked with, and an exemplary public servant to the citizens of Wicomico County and the State of Maryland. ( Courtesy Sheriff Mike Lewis).

We don’t often share the writing of others on this page, but today I think people need to read the eloquent and passionate words of Talbot County Sheriff Joe Gamble as he honors Deputy Hilliard with a tribute and a call to action for ALL of US.

From Sheriff Joe Gamble:

Many of us on the Eastern Shore don’t understand that what happens (or doesn’t happen) in Baltimore affects the safety of everyone in our state and region. Last night I stood shoulder to shoulder with over 100 law enforcement officers at the ER in Salisbury. I listened to the wife of fallen Deputy First Class Glenn Hilliard who told us, “Glenn loved his job and loved each of you” as she walked out of the hospital after seeing her slain husband.

Deputy First Class Hilliard was gunned down by a coward who was wanted on multiple arrest warrants. The most serious, an armed robbery of a McDonalds in Baltimore, where he was caught by the hard-working men and women of the Baltimore Police Department. Then the case went to the black hole of our criminal justice system. After pleading guilty, the coward was given “probation before judgement”…no time in jail! Glenn Hilliard was trying to serve a warrant on the coward for violating his probation. (Imagine that…a bad guy who didn’t do all that he was supposed to do while on probation. A bad guy who was prohibited from possession firearms but found a way to break that law anyway.) He was also out on an unsecured bond on another charge…meaning he did not have to post any money at all to be free from a separate charge. Once again, hardworking police officers and deputies did their job and once again the black hole of the criminal justice system did what it does best…little or nothing.

During the past several years your Maryland Legislature has passed The Justice Reinvestment Act, Bail Reform, Juvenile Justice Reform and now Police Reform. All of these laws make it less safe for all of us. What is needed is Prosecutor Reform and Judge Reform. Evil people need to go to jail for long periods of time. These laws are making it very difficult for our law enforcement to keep you safe. It’s constant “catch and release” across our state and it will only get worse unless you act!

This fall you will elect your prosecutors – know where they stand before you cast your vote. You will elect a governor who appoints judges – know where they stand before you make your choice this fall. You will elect mayors who appoint police chiefs – know where they stand before you cast your vote. You will elect legislators who have made some of the most nonsensical laws imaginable – know where they stand before you support them. You will elect a County Council who will appoint people to judge the police- know where they stand before you elect them. You will elect an Attorney General who has a unit specifically to investigate the police – know where they stand before you elect them.

Have courage to ask hard questions…it’s the least you can do with one of the greatest rights that this country has entrusted to you – know where they stand before you support them.

I have stood over the bodies of hundreds of murder victims including six slain police officers, deputies and troopers. Many of those officers were my friends. The others, while I might not have known them personally, I know exactly what they stood for. Most of them would be with us today if others in the criminal justice system had done their job.

May God bless Deputy First Class Glenn Hilliard, his beautiful wife and his three children.”

Sheriff Gamble says it so well, I can add very little except to say that elections are not sporting competitions. In many cases, they are life and death. This is one such case.

When we get information on how you can honor Deputy Hilliard, we will share. But one thing you can do now is ask the hard questions Sheriff Gamble poses. And vote for people who will support Law Enforcement.

Our prayers go out to Deputy Hilliard’s wife, family, co-workers, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Department and all law enforcement everywhere.

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