Stop Giving Them the “Indoctrination” Excuse for Their Behavior

You see that post? That is from a school teacher in Maryland. She is commenting on a motorcade procession for murdered Deputy Sheriff Glenn Hilliard from Wicomico County, Maryland. He was killed by a scumbag that was let go with probation before judgement and no bond. This was for the armed robbery of a restaurant and other violations.

The policeman was shot in the head while he pursued this scumbag in order to bring him in on a warrant. It was a tragic result of Maryland’s lax sentencing rules and ridiculous restrictions on police.

And this little turd, a teacher, just couldn’t go as far as to give this hero a motorcade as his body was transported. She is worried about her “tax dollars” being spent on this. She couldn’t even admit he was a hero. She could only say “ maybe.”

This is the kind of person who should never be allowed near kids or a keyboard for that matter. She has a right to an opinion, to be sure, but she also needs to understand the concepts of discretion and empathy, of which she has neither.

She may not realize this, but many people feel this way about teachers. They don’t think that people who only work ten months out of the year, have holidays off, work consistent hours, and have complete job security after three years etc. should get their tax dollars either. Especially when some of these teachers seem to have little or no true qualifications to teach and seem to spend more time spouting ridiculous and inappropriate opinions to their students. (As the one above probably does.) As a retired teacher, I have heard this many times.

You might be surprised, but I agree with them. Teaching is a hard job. So are many other jobs. Everyone thinks they don’t get paid enough.

But here is something I noticed. Every time one of these bozos spouts an opinion like this or makes a Tik-Tok video proclaiming that their sexuality should be shared with their students, or spews some ridiculous social awareness BS, people excuse it.

Here’s what they say. ” Well, they’ve been indoctrinated. What do you expect?”

First, let’s remember that true indoctrination is more than just something that happens to you casually. Ask people who have been imprisoned or “re-educated” for being dissidents in an oppressive country or in a cult. These people are not just given messages and television shows to watch to convince them, they are beaten, starved, isolated, and psychologically abused. And still, many of them come out able to resist the indoctrination.

I don’t doubt that a daily regimen of propagandistic messages and misinformation for 13 years of education can impact a person and steer them toward certain beliefs. I’m sure peer pressure can be a strong inducement to parrot the lies of establishment.

Add four years of living with other young people receiving the same flawed message and training at a collegiate level, and I do believe it has an effect. I know that young teachers are then given indoctrination at the system level, filling them with all the BS the school wants them to embody as teachers.

So should we excuse the turd in the message above for being an ass?

No. We shouldn’t.

First, I won’t excuse her because I think she posted that message to appear “cool” and “trendy” to her friends. I think she thought people would admire her “courage” to say such a thing, would see her as a truthful beacon in the “fog” of emotions in this situation. It didn’t even matter to her that those emotions were real and raw and affected every family of a member of law enforcement, especially his family. She just wanted to stand out in the crowd.

It had nothing to do with any “indoctrination” she received in school. And, I’ll add that it was not just a stupid mistake.

It’s an indicator of something much more despicable.

There are so many other young teachers, young people, etc. who would never have posted that. Why? Because those people had the judgement, the morals, the empathy to realize not to say any of what she said, at least not in a permanent public forum that may be seen by so many. They would see how hurtful this could be. They understand that having an opinion is one thing, hurting others with it is another.

I’ve fought the battle myself. There are times when I want to say things that just shouldn’t be put in print. During those times I try to see things from the other side and the negative effect it may have on someone who doesn’t deserve it. Sometimes it is the wrong timing, and the thought has to be saved for a later date, a different situation.

And some things should just never be said publicly at all. As I said, attacks on people who don’t deserve it because they haven’t done anything wrong are not acceptable. If it’s a politician or a public official who is abusing his/her position or being unethical, well that’s different. And if it is someone who puts something like the message above in a public forum, they need to know many find their words offensive. And I do occasionally make a mistake. When I do, I will apologize.

The problem with her and teachers (and other people) like her is that they are narcissistic. The only thing they see is their needs, their emotions, their opinions. They have very few, if any, morals, so no holds are barred. And they are the same in their classrooms. It wouldn’t matter what they had been taught in school, they would still be narcissists. I know. I saw them come and go in my thirty years of education and 67 years of life.

They deserve no excuses for their behavior. We should just call them what they are, fundamentally flawed human beings. Indoctrination may have amplified them, but the flaws in character have always been there. And social media has given them an amplifier.

I don’t know what will happen to this young lady. Should she be fired or at least punished? I really don’t want that. I do want her to see the hurt this post caused and maybe think twice next time. I respect her freedom of speech, but I would not want my child in her class. Besides, the union will protect her.

I hid her name, but I have seen it posted online already. She has closed her account which shows you that she at least knows she did something that has gotten her in trouble. But that doesn’t mean she has had a change of heart. I will venture a guess that she is justifying her disgraceful behavior to her superiors in a ton of tears and pleas that it was just a mistake, and she didn’t mean it. She may even apologize to the officer’s family, but I doubt it.

But it was more than just a mistake. And we all know it. And there’s no excuse for it. We need to see that and start calling out people like her for their disgusting behavior.

END NOTE. As the 14-year-old son of a friend of mine said, “People need to be held accountable for what they say and do.” She’s a teacher. God forbid she ever has a law enforcement officer’s child in her class.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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