The Sick Need for “Affirmation”

I’m really getting tired of hearing about people who are constantly demanding “affirmation” from others. It’s almost a sickness, a compulsion. One could say it is a mental illness.

Actually, I think it is more of a weapon in this war of truth versus lies, right versus wrong, liberty versus freedom. Just like the words “equity,” “privilege” and “underserved,” it is used to divide us, make some of us feel guilty, and create an environment where the rights to freedom and free speech don’t exist. As they say in Star Wars, “It’s a trap.” And it is a trap that society will never escape from if we get caught.

Here’s the actual dictionary definition of “affirmation;” (From the Cambridge Dictionary), ” a statement of sign that something is true, the act of saying ‘yes’ or showing you mean ‘yes,’ or support of approval.”

For example, read this article and then watch the childish video from the Navy of the United States. The video is intended to teach members of the Navy how to use pronouns to “affirm” people’s identity.

PRIDE MONTH: Here’s How the Navy Is Training Soldiers on Proper Gender Pronouns (

Within the first thirty seconds of this video, the speakers talk about how pronouns can be used to affirm someone’s identity. I am not lying. In our military, where we want to have the toughest, bravest, most heroic people in our society, we have a bunch of weenies who need to be affirmed through pronouns.

Imagine this. The Captain of the ship comes into a meeting which includes the crew of that ship. Perhaps it is a battleship or nuclear sub. He walks in, everyone gets quiet, and he says, ” Hey guys, we are going to war today.” Suddenly everyone in the room breaks into tears, not because they are going to war but because the captain used the word “guys” to address the group and that is not the preferred pronoun of some of them. Doesn’t bode well for the effectiveness of the ship to wage battle or for the sailors on it to survive.

All because the Captain didn’t “affirm” every sailors sexual/gender identity. As if that matters in war.

Like I said, it’s a sickness.

Another example of this illness is this video of teachers. The first teacher explains her “coming out” to her students. She talks about her fears and how she hoped her students would accept or affirm, her.

As you listen to her, you realize that she has switched roles with her students. Instead of being the adult in the room who teaches and helps them, she is now the child seeking approval for her personal choice. This perverts the role of a teacher. A teacher is there to provide students with an education, not to present their own lifestyle for “affirmation.” This would not be acceptable for any adult regarding ANY of their sexual activities or preferences.

Here’s another one. This is from a transgender teacher talking about her four-year-old students:

Libs of TikTok on Twitter: “Preschool teacher talks about coming out as trans to her 4-year-old students” / Twitter

Again, we have an adult, the one who is supposed to be a strong role model for her students, flipping that on its head and using the kids for some kind of emotional gratification disguised as “affirmation.” They have become objects to make her “whole.” Notice the disdain she has for their parents and other adults as well.

Why? Because adults won’t play a part in her sick drama. They won’t give into her mental illness and masquerade party. If she could get adults to “affirm” her or if she was comfortable with who she is, she wouldn’t need to involve her students.

But the kids, she can mold, shape and yes, groom, those children to accept and “affirm” her skewed view of the world. This is just one step closer to using these children for gratification in other ways, if not by her, then by other sick adults.

And some parents, desiring what they see as “sophistication” and “tolerance” will put their children into this environment without a second thought. That’s why we have parents taking children to drag queen events/venues that are clearly not appropriate for children:

(Caution: If you have children in the room, do not show this video while they are present. It has partial nudity)

Libs of TikTok on Twitter: “This is what a “family-friendly drag show” in a bar looks like” / Twitter

Notice the laughing woman with the small child? She seems perfectly fine that this baby is being exposed to vulgar behavior and hyper-sexualization. Would she laugh if it was a male strip show? Sadly I’m not sure about that answer.

Again, who gains from this? What is the point. It all goes back to “affirmation.” If these mentally ill people can coerce and indoctrinate our youngest children into the idea that sexual promiscuity, sexual actions, sexual confusion, etc. is normal, then they can use those children to provide the emotional acceptance that they are lacking.

Who knows why they need this affirmation. Maybe their parents didn’t love them enough. Maybe their parents loved them too much, to the point of crippling them emotionally. Maybe they have a screw loose. Maybe they are just shallow people who equate having everyone agree with your choices with being popular, loved and important.

But if we are going to allow these abnormal people to do this with our children, why just limit ourselves to sexual preferences or identity. Why don’t we allow drug addicts to teach and seek approval from their students? How about mass murderers? Or, worst of all, pedophiles?

What if the motives for all of this runs deeper and wider than just allowing mentally unstable people to create this narrative? Who will benefit on the world scene? Who benefits monetarily? Why would anyone think this is good?

If we look back at the Navy video, remember that this initiative is being enacted across all of our armed forces. Does growing a group of woke members in the military who will cry at any perceived pronoun “misuse” make our national defense stronger or weaker? If one can’t take being called “he” instead of “they” it’s doubtful that they will do well in the face of the real danger of facing the enemy. If officers have to worry about the pronouns they will use for each member of their unit, they won’t have time to plan for battle. The division this will cause among our fighting men and women will be disastrous. So, our enemies must be eyeing this with glee.

Of course lawyers will love this as they have new clients all willing to sue at the drop of an incorrect label or perceived lack of affirmation from employers, co-workers, and community members.

Let’s not forget the mental health profession, the ones who brought us over prescribing of ADHD drugs and anti-depression medications to children and adults alike. In some cases, the effects of these drugs are worse than the original condition. Remember, Big Pharma controls these drugs as well as all the hormone blockers and other drugs used by transsexuals. Once a person is on these drugs, they can never go off of them. It’s a lifetime of pure profit for the pharmaceutical companies.

There’s money to be made, government agencies to form, more power over our country and everyone in it.

If the promoters of this madness can make crazy look normal to everyone, then the crazy among us can go about their lives ruining themselves and others with complete impunity. They can destroy the innocence of children with whatever depraved acts they want and everyone will chalk it up to social sophistication and “seeking affirmation.”

And those of us who speak up against it will be called hateful names and banished from “enlightened” society. Our freedom of speech will once again be threatened and many will be frozen in place, unable to protect themselves and their children.

Not everyone will accept that. Listen to this drag queen talk about why she thinks it is wrong to expose children to this sexualization as a minor.

Biology Rules Ok on Twitter: “#IStandWithMarionMillar” / Twitter

She gets it. I think this person is not one who requires “affirmation” from children or possibly even other adults. She does her thing but doesn’t seem interested in forcing you or your child into her lifestyle.

I know many Gay and Lesbian men and women who are just appalled at this as we are. It hurts them and their children as well.

It’s something we can agree on. We want our child to have the blessings of innocence in childhood; free of the early sexualization that some want as “affirmation.” They want teachers and schools out of the sex and psychotherapy business and in the academics business.

Stand up for our children. Stand up NOW before it’s too late!

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. I am totally distressed and extremely concerned that children are being sexualized and groomed. This is not remotely acceptable.
    Children need to remain innocent as long as possible. Parents who allow this grooming need to address how they are “parenting.” The issue is theirs and now the problem of the “woke” community which is trying to sexualize children, villify parents, groom students, and divide our community.
    It is time to wake up.
    It is time to take a stand.
    Our children, our country and our liberties are being indoctrinated.

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