The Lie of the Moderates: How the Establishment Stays in Power

I got a text today regarding the Maryland Gubernatorial Race in Maryland. It was a poll done by Goucher College and NPR. For background, remember that Goucher College and NPR are notoriously left leaning and biased. However, the data is interesting, and we will discuss it later.

It comes on the back end of a conversation with someone over the weekend where I was told that “Moderates, independents, and cross over Democrats will never vote for Dan Cox, the Republican candidate endorsed by Donald Trump. The other candidate, Schulz, stands a better chance of winning them over.”

What is interesting to me is that this is the same old song we hear every time a truly Conservative candidate runs for office. And it comes from both the Left and establishment Republicans.

It’s important to understand definitions here. An “independent” politically is someone who does not align him/herself with ANY party. And, they do this despite the fact that they can’t vote in election primaries in many states and they can’t receive funding from either party if they run for office. They effectively cut themselves off. You can’t really describe the beliefs of an Independent, because they don’t have party whose platform they can align with. At the very least, however, they are prepared to “go it alone.”

A “cross over Democrat” is someone who is a declared Democrat but votes to elect Republicans from time to time. Ronald Reagan was a President who received a lot of cross over votes. It’s hard to determine who these people are in polls, since they don’t usually want to “out” themselves as voting for the other party.

And then there are the “moderates.” The word “moderate” is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, ” being within a middle range in size, amount or degree, neither great nor little.” Transfer that to politics and you get a person who is a little conservative, a little liberal, but nothing to the degree of actual conviction or passion.

I believe that using the word to describe one’s political views is a way for most people to avoid sharing their true beliefs for fear that they won’t be acceptable to others. It’ seems to be a coward’s way out. If one can call himself a “moderate” he effectively eliminates any unpleasant or confrontational conversations. When candidates self-describe themselves this way, it’s to straddle the fence, get elected, and never have to do anything that will actually advance a cause on either side. In effect, they vote “present.”

If you are ever talking to someone and they describe themselves as a “moderate” it’s interesting to ask them what that means. Most of the time they will hem and haw and end up saying, ” I don’t agree with some things Democrats want and some things Republicans want.” If you ask for further explanation, they’ll say, “Well you know, like the Republicans are good on the economy and the Dems are good on social issues.” If you don’t accept that answer and keep probing, they will either end the conversation or shrug their shoulders. They don’t realize that their explanation is somewhat impossible. No economy can survive with Democrat social programs and no Dem social program can make it under a Republican economy.

This Turtle Would Be a Moderate

So why are moderates always cited in political polls?

They are because the establishment politicians on both sides love them. But, the Republican establishment loves them the most. The illusion of ‘moderates” is the big lie that keeps the Republican establishment in business. They promote the idea that there is a huge group of “moderates” out there just biding their time to cast their lot with a candidate who has the same fuzzy standards they do. For example, here is the Republican establishment in Maryland supporting their “moderate” candidate.:

Like most of these establishment wonks, the heads of Republican Central Committees throughout the State of Maryland forsake their stated ethics and take sides with certain candidates they call “moderates”. For example, here they are supporting a candidate who has no Conservative principles at all.

The Republican establishment has long forsaken the Conservative ideals they may have once had. Like the unpopular kids in schools, they have sold their souls for a seat at the Democrat “cool kids” table. It’s not that the Democrats are actually the “cool” kids. In fact, the leftist Dems who now run the party seem to be either scary looking crazies or pasty, wimpy nerds. When the Marxists planned their demise of this country, they picked the Dems as the party most likely to cave to their Socialist plans and bribery. They saw their weakness, lack of values, and willingness to be led.

This includes so much of Hollywood, the news media, and pop culture. They are aligned with the European elites, those people that John Kerry and Barack Obama seek to emulate and appease. And, despite what Republicans may say, they want their acceptance as well. Look at any top-level Republican in Congress. McConnell, Graham, Romney, etc. They have this unflagging desire to belong to the club.

And so, in an attempt to distance themselves from the Republican, Conservative base, the RINO machine uses the excuse of appealing to the moderates. Remember, they see moderates as a huge gold mine of votes, waiting to be exposed and cashed in.

Maybe they are correct. Except I have discovered one thing about true “moderates.” They generally stay at home at election time, especially in the primaries. This is because moderates don’t care enough to get out there and sort through primary candidates to find the one that is the best. (Of course, this only applies until something harmful happens to a moderate or a member of their family. Then, the moderates can turn into passionate advocates for whatever policy or practice that needs to be changed so it doesn’t affect them again)

A great example of this is in Maryland as the establishment GOP is pushing Kelly Schulz, a woman who is doing a great impersonation of Joe Biden hiding from debates in his basement, a woman who sat idly by while her tyrannical boss and biggest supporter, Larry Hogan, shut down the state and our economy. “She’s nice,” they tell us, “And she’s the only one who can win against Democrats. The moderates love her. ” Did they learn nothing in 2016? Schulz is the 2022 version of Jeb Bush.

But the establishment Republicans keep forcing her on us. As shown above, alleged impartial members of local Republican Central Committees tell candidates for other offices to “push out” her info in their campaign. They tell us that we must woo the moderates and that they are critical. Maybe they are important, but when does it come to the point where we realize that “moderates” are not the ones who make change in this country, who fight back against the horrible ideas and policies of a mostly Marxist Democrat party. Moderates are not the ones in the front line of this battle. In fact, many of them are way in the back, telling us that only a weak, middle of the road, post turtle candidate can win.

The establishment has been using this tactic forever. It has kept them in power for way too long. It’s time we remind them it doesn’t work. We should remind them that Trump, love him or hate him, won with the support of his base, conservatives, in 2016 (and in my opinion 2020). If they can’t learn this lesson on their own, we can help them. And then we can vote them out.

Additional Note:*I included this poll from Goucher College with great reservations as Goucher is one of the most biased liberal colleges in Maryland. It is interesting, however, that it shows a “statistical tie” between Conservative Dan Cox and RINO Kelly Schulz. Of course, Goucher then has to tell us that Democrat “crossover” voters won’t vote for Cox because he is endorsed by Trump. They say a candidate will need those voters to win.

Well, let me share what I have seen and heard. Those “crossover” Democrats were some of the people who Larry Hogan bankrupted and abused. They know Kelly Schulz sat there like a Barbie Bobble Head statue while it happened. They have no great love for any of the Marxist candidates or for Comptroller Franchot. They also know that Dan Cox is against that approach. They know he stands for freedom, and like Trump, he is a fighter.

Democratic, Republican Primary Voters Split Among Candidates: New Goucher College Poll – NewsBreak

PS: Crazy Schulz allegation #3 this month. Democrats are spending money on anti-Cox ads in order to get Cox through the primaries. Interesting strategy.

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  1. Absolutely Correct!
    The mantra of the Elitists is either this is “for the children” (which is a ruse. They couldn’t care less) OR we need to be a “Big Tent” and appeal to everyone. This is a plan straight out of the Leftists’ Playbook. Go along to get along…Stand for everything and nothing at the same time. Abandon our Constitution, our morals and faith in order to be “inclusive.” (Case in Point: Hogan, Schultz, Romney, Bush, Graham…)
    The goal is to divide and conquor. Stand for “everything” while standing for “nothing.” Perhaps with the exception of handing over our liberties to those who will gladly dictate our freedoms away.


    Stand for our Constitution, our freedoms, our liberties and our INALIENABLE RIGHTS! (Yes, our rights are a gift from GOD and NOT the government!)

    Time to take a stand. Vote for Constitutional Candidates. (Cox, Peroutka, Mautz, Acle…)
    Vote as if your Liberty depends on it.
    Because it does!

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