Where Do We Go From Here?

Moving Forward in a Hostile Political Environment with the 1460 Project

Understand this. In the least they want you quiet. In the extreme they want you gone. In a perfect world, they would have your stuff. And as we all realize, they are working hard to make it happen.

I addressed this in a previous post, and since then more actions from the Progressive Left have occurred that make it more obvious that many of us are now exiles in our own country. Scary!

So, I have begun what I call the 1460 project. That number represents the numbers of days a Biden/Harris regime might be in power if they have one term.

The mission of this project is to make a plan to take positive action every day of the four years to advance Conservative ideals, rejuvenate Conservative political impact, and to educate people on the Conservative cause. Every day I will post a new action we can each take individually and with groups.

Before we act, we must prepare.

Phase One: Taking Care of Ourselves

Before we start that, we need to make sure of our well being, our preparation, and our safety. When we start pushing back, some people are not going to like it and they will up the ante.

  • Pray- always the first step. Pray to God that He will help and Guide you on this mission and that He will keep you and yours safe. Keep your Bible by your side so you can read it when you need encouragement.
  • Breathe and Relax- When we get tense, we make bad, irrational decisions. So, take time each day to meditate, do Yoga, whatever, to relax yourself. I run every day. It helps me.
  • Get your body as healthy and strong as it can be. Warriors have to be physically and mentally fit. Eat well, take walks, workout, and get plenty of sleep.
  • Get your mind right too. What do you want to do? How can you use your best skills and ideas to advance the mission?
  • Remove/reduce your online presence.
  • Get rid of these sites that not only censor speech but monetize it:
    • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube
  • Be selective and find sites that fit your needs and allow free speech and protect privacy:
    • Gab, Parler ( when it is back), Rumble, MeWe, Band, Duck Duck Go, Telegram
  • Use a personal VPN to protect your privacy. There are different apps for this.
  • Even then, set limits on how much time you will spend on these sites. Too much time on them can cause true mental anxiety and distress. Plus, you need to engage with people face to face sometimes!
  • Sift carefully between news channels and sites. Remember, most media is dedicated to promoting a certain political and social message. Most of them are owned by one of six global corporations who dictate what news is reported on and how it is reported on. Sources such as One America News Network and Rights Side Broadcasting Network are much more even handed. Listen to the podcasts/shows of Dan Bongino, Mark Levin, Joe Pags, and Rush Limbaugh. I have found that even though they have Conservative viewpoints, I can rely on their basic info to be true.
  • Also, always be wary of new stories and verify, verify, verify. Think of all the info that has been disseminated since the election. Much of it is the product of imaginative minds and it has only served to frustrate and upset people.
  • Find friends in your area with whom you can share your views and ideas. I’m not saying to avoid those with different viewpoints, but you need that core group of like minded patriots to bounce ideas of off. You may need these friends at some point when things get tough or you feel down.
  • Involve your family in political discussions and let them know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Phase Two: Interacting in Your Community

It’s important that we don’t disappear in our homes. After all, we are not Joe Biden!

  • Don’t hide yourself, don’t hide your views. If you support Trump, another candidate, etc. wear your hat, t-shirt, and post your signs in your yard. Make sure these are positively phrased. Wearing a shirt that says, “F**k Biden” doesn’t bring many people to your side! Be forewarned, however, you may anger some people. If someone confronts you aggressively, get out of the situation. If you feel you need to, carry legal self defense such as pepper spray, etc.
  • Speak out in public forums. Go to town, county and even state meetings. Get involved with political organizations. Campaign for good candidates or better yet, run for office yourself! When you speak, be polite, have your facts together and have reasonable points. Be honest, say what you think, but be respectful. There is no need to ridicule or name call. If anyone is disrespectful, let it be the opposition.
  • Follow your local , state and national representatives in the news and on their website. Research candidates for positions thoroughly. Don’t assume that because a candidate has an “R” after their name that they are a good candidate. There are many candidates who run as one thing and then serve as another.
  • Be educated in your opinions and make them known to decision makers in your state and above. Call or email their offices to share your opinions. Again, state your opinion clearly and politely. Don’t give in and don’t back down. There are times when you will argue with someone is not rational in their views but pick the battles that are worthwhile and persevere.
  • Volunteer in your community for both public service and political causes. The more people you get to know and who get to know you, the better. Become an election poll worker, canvas for a candidate, help a local youth group, church group, etc.
  • Support those companies that support our causes or who are fair minded toward political diversity, boycott those who have denied service to Republicans, Conservatives and Trump supporters. ( We will include a list at some point.)
  • Study our history and our Constitution. It’s hard to dispute someone who knows what they are talking about!
  • Become an active member of your church. Churches can provide uplifting messages and guidance that will help you cope.

Be a positive presence in your town and community!!!

Phase Three: Here comes the scary part. Forewarned is Forearmed!

We could be entering a time when those in political power will be targeting many of us for our political views. No one wants to think that others may want to harm you, but we have to be aware that it could happen.

  • Get to personally know the police/law enforcement in your area/town. If they know you and your character, they are less likely to believe false charges others bring against you.
  • Have a relationship with a lawyer so you can call them if you need them. Keep their number handy. Nothing slows down those who want to harass you than you getting on your phone and dialing 911 and then your lawyer.
  • Have all your legal licenses readily accessible. Driver’s Licenses, concealed/carry cards, handgun owner licenses, parental rights statements ( for custody issues), etc. could be useful in different situations.
  • Document anything threatening anyone says or writes you. Keep dates and times of telephone conversations. If someone threatens or harasses you online, take a picture of the post with your phone.
  • Watch what you post online. Anything on the internet is usually there forever, even if you have deleted it. The rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t want you children to see it, don’t post it.
  • Have access to whatever you need to defend yourself and your family in your home. Violence is always the last resort.
  • Realize that you will be called vile names and people will hate you. It’s unfortunate but true. Don’t become the same as them but don’t let them silence you. Make waves!!!!

There is an ex Navy seal who is always saying, ” Keep your head on a swivel.” Know the threat and be prepared.

This is what the 1460 Project is about. It is 1,460 days of making change and throwing off the shackles of a tyrannical government through positive action.

For updates every day, starting on January 20th, go to the page link for “The 1460 Project” page. We will have ideas! We will have a plan.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. This is wonderful advice, as always, Jan. We do need to have a plan and make sure we survive what is going on right now/

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