Why “Hopeful” is the Leftist/Democrat Battle Cry in My County

Lefties. You gotta love them. Whenever they adopt a slogan or name an organization, you can be sure they actually mean something completely different than what the word or title means.

For example, the People’s Republic of China. It is a country that is not actually a republic and the people do not run it. Or, Antifa which is supposed to mean “Anti facism” but really seems to support the most vile forms of facism. My personal favorite is the NEA, or National Education Association. Trust me, they don’t really care about education. I know that first hand.

So, when we see the ugly blue signs saying “unity” in our area or the cute little hearts with “healing” and “unity” on the White House lawn, we should understand that the lefties really don’t mean those things. Their actions prove it everyday.

And now, a new word sign is cropping up in our area. ” Hopeful.” It’s quite an ugly sign even though it appears that the artist tried really hard to make it cleverly designed with arrows and certain colors. I’m not an artist, but I know what I think is ugly. Sorry to whoever the artist is. I know you did your best.

What I want to delve into is why the word ” hopeful” was the one chosen for the sign. Why not ” freedom”? Why not “patriotism”?

Words do have meaning. It’s like that bumper sticker with “co-exist” on it. It’s made with different religious symbols on it and it implies that all religions, all beliefs should be able to live side by side in peace. Very nice. Very kumbaya.

Except that’s not what they mean. How do I know? I know because if you asked the owner of the bumper sticker if Christian symbols or prayer should be allowed in schools or public groups, they would say “no.” They would cite the “separation of church and state” argument. If you followed that up with a question about studying the Bible in the public schools, they would again say “no.” BUT, if you then asked about teaching children about Islam or Buddhism or any other religion in school, they would more than likely say, “yes.” Why? They would tell you that our children need to understand other religions, other cultures. But not Christianity. Why? They will give you some answer about Christian oppression and Christian values being discriminatory and blah blah blah. So, co-exist? No. More like “Selective Acceptance.” But “co-exist” sounded so cool and all their college friends had that bumper sticker.

Back to “hopeful.” Like I asked earlier, why was that word chosen?

It was chosen because it is so non-descript, so banal, so mediocre that no one can object to it. It’s like puppies or rainbows. So cute. So friendly. Who can object to it?

I can. And here’s why. Like most lefty buzz words, “hopeful” doesn’t really inspire any productive actions. It hangs in the air like a little puffy cloud in the blue sky that will go away with the wind without producing precipitation.

If you ask a lefty liberal what the word means to them, they will give you some generic answer about things getting better, people getting along peacefully, everyone being accepted, etc. But they will never tell you exactly what those things will look like.

For example, are they hopeful that they can embrace Trump supporters or conservatives with acceptance? Judging by their rhetoric, I would say “no.” Would they insist that everyone get along peacefully instead of rioting and burning like BLM and Antifa? Again, based on their rhetoric, no. They can’t even call those actions violent. In fact, they would mostly call them justified in their violence as opposed to the 99% of “Stop the Steal” protesters who were peaceful on January 6th. No, they would call those people “domestic terrorists” just for supporting Trump.

I could go on.

You see, like most Lefty liberal Democrat Socialists, they use words like blankets. They cover up their true feelings and beliefs with them. They use the “word blankets” to keep us stuck in a kind of emotional limbo that keeps us inactive. How can we disagree with people who are ” hopeful?’ How can we argue with “unity,” “healing,” or “co-exist?” Like their counterparts in China and other Communist/Socialist countries, they use those words to make US look divisive, even crazy if we dispute them. ( Just to be clear and to not stereotype, I know that there are probably those who actually believe in the positives of the words. There just aren’t many of them. )

How do we fight that tactic?

One way is to contrast what they pretend to believe with what they really believe. Unity is total compliance. Healing means Conservatives should sit down and shut up. Co-exist means non-acceptance of Christian values. And hopeful means, well it means, ” we hope those Trumpers will go away.” There is plenty of evidence in their actions and their speeches. Challenge them.

Another way is to counteract their words with ours. I think the best words are words chosen from our Constitution and other founding documents. Phrases like ” freedom of speech,” pursuit of happiness,” and “individual rights” are a few. Those phrases, created by men who knew their meaning and understood their effects, can be described with both ideas AND actions. They don’t hide anything, they reveal everything.

I’m sure the ugly signs will not go away soon, any more than the ugly leftist rhetoric or lies will. But I also know that the words of our founders will last and inspire people for a very long time, if we continue to fight for them.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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