Is This a Hill You Want to Die On?

When I was teaching and in administration in my district, people would ask each other this question all the time regarding student behavior, policies, etc. ” Is this a hill you want to die on?”

If anyone doesn’t know what it means, it is a way of asking someone how important an issue is to someone. In business, it’s a way of asking if a personal stand by an employee is worth getting fired over. It’s origins were in the military during war time, and the saying refers to whether or not a battle will be worth the casualties.

Most of the time, the answer is no.

I think we are coming to a point in our world where all of us have to decide whether an issue is the hill we want to “die” on. Of course, that assumes we will have a choice.

As the Biden regime continues in office, each day gives us a glimpse of what they want and what they are willing to do to certain groups of citizens to accomplish their agenda.

We have to understand some basic facts. The current regime and their cohorts in the House and Senate do not care what happens to the economy of this country, small businesses, and the more than 75 million people who support Trump. They don’t care if what they do is legal or Constitutional. In fact, it seems that they relish the idea of illegally and unconstitutionally investigating, charging and even jailing American citizens who don’t follow their orders and mandates. They crave that power. Look at what they have done to President Trump. Nothing they have attempted to do to him is legal, constitutional or ethical. Yet, they press on with a gleeful anger because they hate him, and, by extension, us.

How do we know they will do the same to us? Here are some examples:

*Participants in the January 6th march on Washington who were nowhere near the Capitol and did not participate in the breech have been contacted by the FBI for questioning regarding the protest. This was done without warrants. The FBI used social media and facial recognition programs to identify them. According to current FBI Director Wray, more interrogations of peaceful demonstrators will be done. Even more frightening, members of the military and law enforcement are being purged based on political beliefs that differ from the Biden regime.

*In many school districts in the U.S, children in all grades are being made to feel ashamed of being white. They are being told that they and their parents are racist just because they are white. They are also being taught to hate this country. In some others, children as young as four are being taught about transgenderism and encouaged to think about changing their gender. D.C. students are being given Covid vaccines without the knowledge and permission of their parents.

*Senators/Congressmen have made clear threats against Trump supporters, promising to “re-educate” them, jail them, ruin their lives, etc. A website was even created for people to report someone they know that is a Trump supporter so a list can be published with their names and addresses. This is called ” doxxing” and exposes Trump supporters to violence. Some businesses have fired employees after the employee’s social media account shows support for Trump. And, of course, businesses who support Trump are being boycotted.

*The 2nd Amendment has been under attack for a while, but now Mr. Biden is putting efforts into high gear. Proposed legislation requires gun owners to have psych examinations every 2 years, pay gun owners’ insurance, register nationally, and pay high taxes on ammo. These are just some of the provisions of tyrannical laws against a Constitutional right.

*Some lawmakers are advancing a law that would remove news outlets such as FOX, Newsmax and OAN from broadcast channels simply because of their Conservative views, thus ending the concept of free press.

*One of the worst denial of rights has to do with Covid 19. Based on the somewhat suspect advice of Dr. Fauci, Americans are now being told they may have to have an electronic medical passport in order to fly, shop, etc. They would have to show results of a Covid test and evidence of Covid vaccine. The other day, a Jewish family on a Frontier Airlines flight was thrown off the flight for not putting a mask on a youngster who wasn’t even 2 years old. The flight attendants allegedly cheered.

These are just a few of the orders and accompanying results of the Biden Regime’s mandates.

So, back to the question from the beginning. Which of these hills are you willing to die on?

When I say die, I mean are you willing to give up your comfort, safety, friends, job, etc? Are you willing to protest, putting yourself at risk to be arrested or worse? Are you willing to speak out and risk losing your right to be heard when fascist social media companies ban you? Are you willing to give up your time in order to home school your child? Are you prepared to be villafied publicly by those who favor tyranny and are part of the “hive” mind?

Some of you will say “no.” It might be out of fear for yourself and your family. It might be because you don’t have hope that things will change. Or maybe you are just too tired mentally and physically to fight.

Some of you will say “yes” knowing that this time in our country is crucial. If we don’t fight back now, our country, our freedom will be lost. You understand the sacrifice and accept it.

And then there are those of you who are equivocating. In the Bible, God calls them ‘lukewarm.” You are not sure. You know it’s bad but you just don’t trust what you are hearing. You are hoping these Communist tyrants are not that bad. You think that someone, something will protect you and your family. The truth is, they won’t. You will be out on your own, trying to figure out where your rights went as well as all of your physical belongings.

I read this post from someone on a social media site and it summarizes what might have to be the attitude of every single freedom loving American:

“Our freedoms will soon be stripped from under our feet and yet we sit and wait… for what? How can we ever trust an election if we allow this illegal one to be swept under the rug.? People, we are being played. When do we stop hoping and start acting? When it’s all gone? When we are waiting in six hour long lines for bread? When our children are dying of hunger? This is insane that we are waiting for some miracle to happen. People claim to be patriots. But, they are more concerned about being socially accepted so they don’t speak up and take a stand and make a change. This is MY country. I will fight for the generations to come. I won’t fear punishment or even death. My ancestors fought for our freedoms. I will too. And anyone who has a problem with that is my enemy.”-Name withheld

I know it sounds extreme. I know it is not something we ever thought we’d have to consider in our lifetime.

But sometimes you have to pick a hill to fight on, even if it means casualties and great loss.


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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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