I Never Stopped Doing These Things. It’s Called Freedom

The ever benevolent CDC, an agency that has never quite been able to get its data correct, its testing accurate, or its policy statements consistent, is now telling us, the serts of the United States, that if we get the Covid vaccine, we MAY be able ot gather with friends and family indoors without wearing masks. Should I kiss their feet now or after they give me some of my rights back?

I think I’ll hold off on that pleasure.

Back it up with Dr. Anthony ” I was never picked for teams in school” Fauci telling me that a twice vaccinated daughter could go visit her twice vaccinated parents and not wear a mask indoors. While he smiles because he has another television interview that makes him feel like a celebrity, you can see his little garden gnome ego growing by leaps and bounds. Look at the control he has over millions!

As if this joker has a clue. He has switched his story more times than a teenager who has to show failing grades to his parents.

These pint sized health care tyrants have taken great pleasure in the last 12 months. They have been wined and dined, quoted, praised, and called heroes. AS IF.

The real heroes are the nurses and doctors who have had to work under this nonsense scandemic and the American people who have had their lives destroyed because of hastily instituted and stubbornly maintained “safeguards” from public agencies.

I know Covid is real. I had a friend die of “complications connected to Covid.” That is sort of like saying that a person shot in the head died from lead poisoning. But, perhaps if Covid wasn’t around, my friend still would be. And, by the way, she followed all the protocols.

But I think the real pandemic was not the virus, but the carefully scripted panic. Add to that the enthusiasm and self importance of many government bureaucrats and you have a full blown man made disaster. Think about it, how long has it been since your local health department has gotten this much attention? Or the CDC? Or Anthony the Garden Gnome?

But now, since the election is over and people are starting to see the light, these tyrants want to show some compassion and give people the rights back that they should have never lost in the first place. And all people have to do is take a non-FDA approved, mostly non-tested vaccine with some serious side effects that could render one sterile or dead. And it doesn’t even guarantee anything about you being protected from Covid.

I think I’ll pass.

It’s not like they won’t try very hard to force people like me to take it. New York State is already trying to create some electronic “passport” that will get citizens into concerts, plays, sporting events etc. It will show the vaccine and a negative Covid test if you want to participate. Yeah. Okay. I don’t need those things that much.

Many will comply. I spoke to a lady this morning who said she would take it. She’s a smart lady, but she really hadn’t heard any of the negatives about the vaccine. She didn’t know about the possible side effects or the fact that it was not FDA approved. ( An emergency approval is not the same as an approval.) I got her thinking. At the very least people should have INFORMED consent and know all the pro’s and con’s.

I’m sure the Health Care tyrants will squeeze those of us who resist with more and more restrictions and check points, etc. No travel, no shopping, no grocery stores, no doctor visits, etc.

It won’t matter to me.

I value my freedom, my ability to make my own health choices, and my own rights more. And, quite frankly, I don’t trust them with any of my important life decisions. After all, these are some of the same people who support gender reassignment and abortion up to birth.

So, to the CDC, “thanks but no thanks” to your useless advice and pronouncements. Your track record is spotty and the people who you really work for are making billions off of your decisions.

I can manage my life on my own. The Constitution gives me the right to do so.

PS: Oh, and you can also take that “Mask Up America” commercial bull and shove it where the Chinese do Covid tests.

PSS: Oh, and the CDC commercial about the vaccine is CHOCK full of lies. Not extensively tested. Doesn’t protect you. Not safe. When they have to put out commercials you KNOW something is wrong.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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