It’s Not About Donald Trump

The crazy events going on right now have little or nothing to do with Donald Trump. It’s about something much bigger.

Let’s do some math. Not actual math with numbers but the kind that puts events together to add up to something.

A short recap of the past year or so.

  1. Covid 19 is proclaimed a “pandemic” even though the numbers and death rate do not justify the mass panic. Governors shut down their states and issue mask mandates. Vaccines are rushed into production without adequate testing. People are coerced to get the vaccines so they can have their rights “given” back. Medical advice from “experts” with conflicts of interest is contradictory.
  2. A Presidential election is conducted with such dishonesty and sloppiness that the results will forever be in question. The person installed into the office of the Presidency and his VP are so incompetent and, in his case, incapacitated mentally that people are in awe of his mental decline and her cluelessness. Future elections will always be subject to doubt regardless of the winners.
  3. The legal rights of some citizens in this country and in others are being violated in the name of the “safety” of the collective. Other citizens are allowed to riot, loot, and destroy with impunity.
  4. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are allowed into our country without so much as a Covid test while citizens are being forced to stay home.
  5. There is a sudden surge in advertisements regarding meat substitutes, milk substitutes. A movement to ban raising animals for food is growing. This is supposedly about the environment. Bill Gates, a big investor in fake meat companies, drug companies, and U.S. Farmland, says that people living in “rich countries” should eat 100% fake meat.
  6. A major oil pipeline is shutdown because of a cyber attack. Gas stations up and down the East Coast run out of gasoline, lines form everywhere. Seventeen states declare states of emergency.
  7. War erupts in Israel. Our current administration has provided the weapons for the Palestinians.
  8. The National Debt explodes due to many trillion dollar recovery plans that don’t help anyone recover. Our children and grandchildren will be enslaved to this debt.
  9. Social media platforms who once attracted subscribers by promoting the idea of being able to communicate freely with others, suddenly decide that they will censor any speech they don’t like, no matter who is speaking. And they won’t tell you why.
  10. France is engaged in a Civil War. Who didn’t see that coming with the influx of “asylum seekers.”
  11. Great Britain is requiring vaccine passports. Canada is on the verge of the same. The Canadians just arrested a pastor for having church services.
  12. Since 2015, China has been developing biological weapons, some that are said to be “ethnically specific” pathogens. ( see: ) Ethnically specific pathogens, developed from gathering DNA samples from Covid tests China exports to other countries and then analyzed in China, could help them create a virus that the Chinese population is immune to while the rest of the world is not. It could also allow them to create bio weapons their soldiers would be protected from. One can see the intent there.
  13. Police are villafied unfairly, the military is purged of those with specific political viewpoints, even though they have committed no offenses.
  14. North Korea steps up missile tests after remaining quiet during the Trump Administration.
  15. Racial division is being encouraged and stoked by companies supporting Black Lives Matter and the demonization of Whites. Meanwhile, BLM leaders buy million dollar estates.

These events add up to something that has nothing to do with Donald Trump. It has very little to do with Joe Biden, other than the assurance that we have such an incompetent person in the White House that these events can reach their full negative impact. A strong President, such as Trump, would get in the way. The events reflect the vaccum of strong leadership in one of the greatest superpowers of the world. The evil governments of the world are exploiting this.

And, if, as many of us suspect, the presence of Barack Obama behind the scenes in the White House is not a deterrent to these events, but an impetus. Remember, Obama was the President who delivered pallets of cash to Iran, bowed to the rest of the world on the Paris Climate Accords, and sold out American interests all over the world.

However, he is not one of the main players pulling the strings in the world. Those main players tell him what to do.

Who are they?

Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to talk about the Cabal, or the Rothschilds, Freemasons, or Illuminati. While those are interesting theories, they are mainly distractions.

And they are not nearly as dangerous as the real characters.

Someone once told me that to find out why something happens, follow the money and the people who control it. So, let me share some of my research.

Klaus Schwab– If you haven’t heard this man’s name before, you certainly will now. He is the Founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum. He is also a product of Nazi Germany, as he was born there in 1938. His childhood and his adult mission have been shaped by those beginnings. Like Hitler, Schwab views the world as being beholding solely to economics without regard for the needs of individual human beings. He has stated over and over that we need to reshape humanity through blatant authoritarian means, in other words, the “Great Reset.” This reset would require complete compliance of every country in the world via global governance. He has also dabbled in the scary prospect of “transhumanism” or the merging of the human with the machine. In Schwab’s mind, there is no individual freedom, just the good of the collective achieved through Facism.

Make no mistake, this guy is pure a fascist and, dare I say, a Nazi. He just tries to hide it with pretty word salad.

( Side note; have you ever noticed how these really wealthy people want to make us all equally miserable by forcing us not to own anything, not to have our own businesses, not to accrue wealth, or eat meat, but they don’t want to give up their stuff? )

He doesn’t act alone. There are hundreds of major corporations who are listed as “partners” with the World Economic Forum. Some of the usual suspects are Amazon Web Services, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Merck, Bank of America, Bloomberg, Dow, Discovery, Dell, Honeywell, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Coca Cola, Huawei Technologies ( China), and so many more listed here:

You will find Pharmaceutical Companies, Technology Companies, Media Companies, Defense contractors, etc. all working with this forum. When you look at the list you begin to see why certain companies are taking specific actions that seem counterproductive to their success or to the rights of their customers.

A visit to the World Economic Forum website will give you a clear picture of what they want, especially once you sift through all the flowery language. They want a one world government controlling everything. You, me, and the rest of the world population will just be willing subjects being ” taken care of” by the same government.

There are a few countries they must destroy economically to achieve their goals. Guess who is one of the major ones? Without control of the U.S. under the United Nations and Global governance, the World Economic Forum cannot implement their ideas of universal guaranteed income, a crippling green agenda, and Marxism.

Who are their individual supporters? Some of these names might ring a bell, George Soros, Prince Charles, Bill Gates, and the Chinese Communist Party. And, Joe Biden was one of the ancient relics brought in to “build back better” to the Great Reset. He pledged his support to the values of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2019 promising open borders and globalism. The European and Chinese audience gushed over it. The World Economic Forum picked him back then to be the puppet doing thier bidding. It’s no wonder the Chinese hacked our election systems to assure they would have a Biden ” win.”

Xi Jinping– While the “World Economic Forum” and it’s decidedly Socialist/Marxist agenda is at work transforming the world, they may be missing the undercurrent of the agenda of the Chinese President who recently gave himself the title, “Core Navigator and Helmsman” of China. This is a title not used since Mao was in power. This title puts him in charge of every aspect of Chinese governance and keeps him in power for life.

Xi, who has such a cute little smile and looks so harmless, has evil plans for the rest of the world outside of China. He is already threatening war with Australia who is currenlty one of the few countries standing up to him. After all, Biden can’t. Joe is owned by them and he also has no mental ability to do so. ( And his bosses won’t let him.)

Xi is the son of a Xi Jongxun, one of the Communist Parties founding fathers and Vice Premier. In an action that is common among Communist dictators, Xi’s father was purged from the party in 1962. Fifteen year old Xi was sent to reeducation camp where he apparently learned how to be a GREAT dictator. He finally gained readmittance to the CCP in 1974 and worked his way up the ranks to President in 2012. Xi has been characterized as one of the most authoritarian leaders since Mao, who killed millions of citizens. Based on Xi’s purging of the Uygers, he has learned how to ethnic cleanse with the best of them.

Xi has been very clear about his goals for China. He wants world domination in every sector and wants to expand China’s borders. His constant disregard and disrespect for Western governments, most specifically the Biden regime, demonstrates his belief that this is the time for China to achieve those goals. He exploits Biden’s weakness and the totalitarian goals of the World Economic Forum for those ends. The CCP has also manipulated our college students via the Confuscious Institutes in many of our Universities.

And, of course, China keeps denying their role in planning and releasing the Covid 19 virus.

If you consider the motives of the World Economic Forum and the CCP, you can see where all of the items on the list come from. The events are not random. They are instigated and brokered by the players listed above. And I didn’t even mention how many Senators, Congressmen, and judges have been bought off by one or both of these two influencers. One wild card is North Korea, but the fact that the Chinese are ignoring them is interesting.

Of course, we haven’t even mentioned Russia. Putin is up to his old tricks with his threats against Ukraine. The Biden regime talks tough about Russia, but I don’t think Putin takes Biden seriously. Why would he?

With all of this by foreign actors, it’s important to remember that we have plenty of officials in this country who are part of the threat. Regardless of party, we have Congressmen, Senators, Judges, and of course members of the Biden regime who are more than happy to take bribes from any of these foreign governments. It’s also alleged that some of our major “medical” experts like Anthony Fauci have ties to China. Fauci has now been connected with the “gain of function” research at the Wuhan Lab. Maybe that’s why he wants to drag this out as long as possible.

Some of our media outlets are connected to George Soros. And, let’s not forget Jeff Bezos not only owns Amazon but The Washington Post as well. Remember Amazon is part of the World Economic Forum with Heil Schwab.

As always, when we read something like this, it is so frightening especially when it’s hard to know how we fight this. I listen to a podcast called “And We Know” by a gentleman named L.T. who is a former Marine and a good religous man. He mentioned in tonight’s broadcast how overwhelming this all is. He reminds us to put on the armor of God and put our faith in Him. We don’t know the end, but He does.

One hope I have is that it seems as though people throughout the world are waking up to the tyrannical actions of these people. Millions have taken to the streets of different countries in protest of Covid restrictions. Even the eyes of former Biden supporters are starting to see the disaster that this man is and how they have been lied to and manipulated. I don’t know about you, but I hate someone who lies to me to manipulate me.

Another hope I have is that there are good people standing up even though the personal attacks on them are great. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Candace Owens, Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rudy Guliani and of course, Donald Trump are pointing out the truth every day. And, God bless Mike Lindell. Believe him or not, he is putting it all on the line every day.

There are groups cropping up everywhere to fight this nonsense. They may not be wealthy or famous, but they are loud and gaining ground. They are recalling Governors like Newsome in California. They are recalling state and county officials.

I look at the preacher in Canada, Artur Pawlowski, who has been arrested for holding church services. This is a man who escaped Communist tyranny and who must be terrified by the idea of it happening again to him in Canada. What bravery.

There are parents in many states standing up to the school boards and forcing schools to stop the teaching of critical race theory. This despite the arrogance and rudeness of those boards.

Various companies such as Coca-Cola and Disney are backing off their “woke” initiatives for training employees how not to be white. This is all due to the voice of the people threatening their bottom line.

Several states have initiated recounts of the national election despite threats from the left. Some of the people conducting the recounts have been threatened, but they keep going.

Members of the Republican Party told RINO and ONE WORLD ORDER advocate Liz Cheney that she is no longer a major force with them as they removed her from her leadership position.

Millions are refusing to take the vaccine despite coercion by the government and sappy ad campaigns with “celebrities.”

It may seem small, but the thing about grassroots movements is they tend to grow quickly and are hard to get rid of. I don’t know about you, but I plan to keep speaking out and letting people know what is really behind these events.

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