To Joe, Anthony, Larry and the CDC,

I don’t know who you all think you are. Do you all have god complexes? Because you are not god. Do you all have secret desires to be the King and Supreme ruler? Or like Xi, the ” Core Navigator and Helmsman” of the world?

If you do, I suggest you put your tyrannical dreams aside, because the American people have had enough of your crap.

For over a year, we have listened to Fauci waffle back and forth about the severity of the Covid 19 virus, not wearing masks, wearing masks. He prances from interview to interview like some banty rooster in a henhouse. Or maybe he’s just the nerdy little nobody who wants all the attention. But, more than likely he’s the criminal who funded and supported the creation of this virus in Wuhan China.

And then there’s the Governors like Larry Hogan, who think this is their chance to take over the world. After shutting down our state, destroying our economy and the education of our children, he now wants to insist that 70% of the population get the vaccine to eliminate the mask wearing. I got news for you Larr, I haven’t worn one yet. And I am not going to be coerced into an unsafe vaccine. So, take your mandates and shove them. UPDATE: Larry has lifted the mask mandate and has stated that there will be no official confirmation of someone’s vaccine status. I guess he heard something from some people, huh?

As for the CDC, we have watched these people run around like chickens with their heads cut off as they seem to go back and forth on what the “science” is. They seem less knowledgeable than a group of 8th grade biology students.

And then there’s shufflin’, bumblin’ Joe trying to put enough sentences together to convince everyone that he is solving the Covid fake pandemic and HE got the vaccines. He leans into the microphone so he can do that stern and menacing grandfather whisper to tell us all to get the vaccines so we can have our freedoms back. Somehow, he thinks he is in charge of them. Someone please wake him up and remind him that he didn’t really get elected and he is not a king.

AND, while we are talking about disgusting, let’s talk Bill DiBlasio in a press conference, stuffing his Communist face with fries and a burger and telling us that ” Vaccines are tasty.” He was promoting getting a free meal at some local restaurant chain if you get the vaccine. Hey, Bill, talking with your mouth full is gross. Also, isn’t it unhealthy to eat fat, sugar, and meat? Haven’t you and the CDC been telling us that for YEARS? By the way, being fat from eating too much fat, sugar and meat increases your chances of getting Covid.

The worst bribe, I think, is Governor DeWine in Ohio who is putting everyone who gets the vaccine into a LOTTERY from which five people will win 1 million dollars. Seriously? He used his Covid relief funds for THAT? That is taxpayers’ money now being given away in an inefficient manner to encourage people to get an untested vaccine. I’ll bet those suffering from gambling addiction will jump right on board.

We’re not having it. We are done with your bullshit, all of you. Some Americans got the vaccine because they didn’t mind. They thought it would help. I think they are misguided, but hey, it’s not my decision. I don’t think less of them for doing it.

The rest of us don’t want it and frankly, don’t need it. And you can call us “anti-vaxxers, ” you can attempt to ban us from the public square, you can have unprofessional nurses make derogatory videos about us, show us commercials with John Legend, Spike Lee and every other stupid celebrity on the planet, and even have Barack and Michelle Obama make a statement that ” they both have one.” ( One what, Barack? Hmmm. Is Michelle’s bigger?)


As long as we have the right, the freedom, the choice about what goes into our bodies in terms of medicine or vaccines, we aren’t taking your experiemintal vaccine. We aren’t endangering anyone because we aren’t sick. The general population has a better chance of getting tuberculosis from illegals from other countries.

So poke yourselves with that.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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