The Real Traitors

This is a Tweet from February 3, 2021:

BREAKING: @SecDef Lloyd Austin has directed a service-wide stand down to take place in the next 60 days. Each military branch will schedule a stand down to allow each service to have “needed discussions” on extremism in the ranks.

The first time you read this Tweet, you may not fully understand what it says. Basically, a “stand down” command means that the military should go off duty or relax from military readiness. So, for example, a “stand down” order in battle would mean that soldiers could recover from their battle weary state, rest, recreate, etc.

This Tweet is somewhat different. It means that the troops will stop all training, preparations for actions, etc. so that the Department of Defense can peruse the social media accounts and interview active duty military, including National Guard, to determine who among them are “domestic terrorists” and “White Supremacists.” What’s interesting about this is that it is unprecedented. In fact, I would venture to say that the military being active in the search for ANY terrorists within their ranks has been almost non-existent in at least the last 12 years. Proof?

This excerpt from a story by CNN dated July 2015, details the facts about the perpetrator of the Fort Hood shooting:

The Fort Hood shooting

The best-known case is, of course, Maj. Nidal Hasan, who killed 13 people and wounded 32 others in a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009.

’I am the shooter,’ Nidal Hasan tells Fort Hood court-martial

The Fort Hood attack helps illustrate the particular role of military targets for jihadists who see themselves as engaged in a war with the United States and soldiers as legitimate targets.

Hasan’s only real confidant in Texas was Duane Reasoner Jr., an 18-year-old covert from Catholicism who attended his mosque. Hasan told Reasoner he didn’t want to be deployed to Afghanistan. At their final dinner together, on November 4, Hasan told Reasoner that what he really wanted was to quit the military because anyone fighting against fellow Muslims was likely to go to hell.RELATED VIDEOJury recommends death for Nidal Hasan

The next day, the 467th Combat Stress Control Detachment to which Hasan was assigned was due to report at the Soldier Readiness Processing Center at Fort Hood – the last stop before the unit shipped out to Afghanistan. This was the day that Hasan selected to conduct his deadly attack.”

This attack no doubt put the military on notice that the possibility of Islamic terrorists in their ranks was real, but there was no “stand down” of the branches of the military to allow a hunt for these terrorists. In fact, it seemed as if the military bent over backward to tell us that this was not a problem. Homeland Security, in an attempt at Islamic “wokeness” removed all references to Islamic extremism and terrorists from their training manuals. In short, the worst terrorist attack on OUR military by a member of the military in our country, spurred no intense or urgent hunt for these terrorists in the military ranks. The sad thing is that Hasan had given many indicators that he was an Islamic extremist in presentations he made to a variety of military groups in training prior to this mass murder, and no one said a word.

But now, if a member of the military expresses support for Trump, says he/she is a Christian or a Conservative, that person is likely to be removed from the ranks of the military or at the very least, reprimanded and denied promotions. This is all based on NO evidence that members of our military are inclined to take violent action against our government. It is all conjecture based on the January 6th breach of the Capitol which resulted in ONE death at the hands of a Capitol policeman. And that death was a RETIRED Air Force veteran who was unarmed. It is a “panic” being fabricated by those who hope to gather a military that is of an ideology that assures it will attack and kill the citizens of this country merely for exercising their rights to protest and free speech. After the Joint Chiefs rebuffed Nancy Pelosi in her attempt to declare herself “Commander in Chief,” the left realized that they would get nowhere with a military that actually believed in the Constitution. They had to do something.

They even went so far as to investigate the social media, tatoos, and religous beliefs of the National Guard called in to protect the Capitol before and after the Inauguration. Even Colonel Edwin Rommel of the NAZI forces would not and didn’t allow the distrust in his troops when Hitler and his staff demanded that the SS forces stand between the military and Hitler during an inspection. He rebuffed the attempt saying his troops would not be there if that happened.

And yet, our Pentagon, Joint Chiefs, Governors, DOD Staff, and Congress said nothing when our National Guard was put under such scrutiny. Even Republicans didn’t defend our military men and women.

If you think about it, there is NOTHING about them investigating members of the military who support Black Lives Matter or Antifa. And those groups ARE actually violent extremists who have burned, looted, destroyed and harmed innocent people.

I have learned that an evil person is most often fearful that someone will have the same evil character they have. So, the worst traitors are most afraid that there will be someone who betrays them. It’s the kind of paranoia that Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Mao used against their military.

Who are the traitors?

Are they the military who have given their service to protect this country since the Revolution, often going to wars here and abroad? Even if you limit your judgement to the last twenty years, are the military who have gone to Iraq, South Korea, Afghanistan, and other hot spots in the world to protect us the traitors? Are the people who have put themselves at risk for injury or death the ones who should be the primary suspects? Of course not. While there are always those in any large group who act as outliers, such as Major Hasan, our military has proven time after time that they will defend our country with their lives, regardless of their political and religious beliefs.

On the other hand, the legislators, bureaucrats, and political entities of the Federal and State Governments, have not been so trustworthy. In fact, I would say that a huge percentage of them have betrayed this country by taking bribes, revealing state secrets, identifying secret forces and putting them at harm ( that would be Biden), selling our economic security and our freedom to foreign interests, and aligning themselves with Marxists and Communists. All while they send our military out to fight their wars for them and make their defense contractors billions. These are the traitors. These are the people who should be investigated and purged. They are the problem.

But, the Democrats will allow Lloyd Austin, a former four star general who has been accused of downplaying the threat of ISIS during Obama’s term to the point of putting American troops in jeopardy, a lackluster political appointment based mainly on virtue signaling, and a person whose main objective with the military now seems to be encouraging transsexuals to serve while purging battle tested staff, to impugn the reputation of our brave men and women.

He will make sure that we have a fighting force of cross dressing social workers who will gladly attack and kill any citizen who says mean things, has Conservative views, supports Trump or is a Christian. And they will sell their country out just as easily as the traitors in D.C. Nancy and Joe will have a military in their own image. Remember, not all Germans followed Hitler, but enough did.

So, if our military is purged of the soldiers who believe in the Constitution, how can we win this spiritual and physical battle?

Let’s remember that when the Founders started the Revolution, they were out manned and out gunned by the British. But, through perserverance and perhaps divine intervention, they still won. In their wisdom, they gave us the Second Amendment and the right for states to maintain “well regulated militias.”

While legally, many states now outlaw militias, I think the mention of them by the founders is important. They knew that governments can and do become tyrannical and wanted a way for citizens to fight back. I believe former military can help citizens protect themselves by teaching them about how to legally and safely own and use guns. They can also become involved in the fight to maintain the second amendment.

I think they also need to speak out and tell people what is happening to them and their colleagues. So many people are unaware of what is going on and they need to be informed. Veteran groups need to help communicate their message.

I also think that like many former educators can now point out the flaws and corruption in the education system, our former military needs to expose the same in the military.

My final suggestion is to do what 120 retired military officers have done, write a letter to Biden about his illegitimate appointment and question his mental acuity. Then publish that letter. Strength in numbers so find many to sign it or attach it to a petition.

As for the rest of us, we know the truth about our military. Write letters to the local paper, post on Facebook and share what is going on. Support our military and highlight the dicotomy between their character and the character of our “leaders.” That’s why I created this blog post. I created it because the TRAITORS to our country are BETRAYING us and the men and women who have protected us and them for so long. And I won’t tolerate it.

Speak out for them. They do so much more for us.

Below is a link to a great book about this issue.

Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military

Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military

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