Why the Sudden Change of Science?

During this whole Covid crap, those of us who have not been convinced of it’s severity have been called “Science deniers.” That’s to go along with being “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-vaxxers.” It’s a lovely combination of labels that I think I would like placed on a certificate for me to hang on my wall. I kind of like being thought of as most of those, although science denier doesn’t really fit me. I’m more of a “fake science denier” meaning I don’t like using fake science as justification for stupidity.

Just a few days ago, we watched in amazement as Anthony Fauci announced that we might be wearing masks for a much longer time, even after being vaccinated. We listened a few weeks ago as Rochelle Walensky, head of the CDC, told us all how terrified she was of this virus.

We saw Kamala Harris and her husband give each other a kiss OUTSIDE with masks on. Biden wore two masks even though he told us he had the vaccine. He said he wanted to be a role model. In Canada, restrictions on citizens grew more oppressive with a pastor and his brother getting arrested for holding church services. New York implented “Vaccine Passports” and Governor Cuomo said he would have people sit in different sections of stadiums according to whether they had the vaccine or not. Things on the Covid front looked bleak.

And then a miracle occurred.

It seems that more people are asking questions. I am seeing more people who have figured it out and who know our government is using this to distract us from other issues and to funnel money to people and corporations without letting us know who they are.

In a Senate hearing with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Rand Paul had an exchange with the “good” doctor. The video is below.

Senator Paul grilled Fauci over his connection and the NIH’s funding of “gain of function” research of viruses at the Wuhan Institute in China. For those who don’t know, gain of function means that they take a virus from an animal and use it to develop a virus that can jump from animals to humans and then is more easily transmitted from human to human via respiratory means. Therefore it is more deadly. If a virus that has “gain of function” is mistakenly taken into the public, it can have disastrous results. And, remember, Wuhan Institute is where Covid allegedly came from .

Of course, Dr. Fauci denied Senator Paul’s allegations that Fauci or the NIH participated in this research even after it was banned by the Federal Government and that he used Federal money to fund it. ( By the way, is it me or do you just KNOW by the look on his face that Fauci is guilty and lying? He has the glazed eye, frozen face visage of someone who is trying not to give himself away while he delivers his rehearsed answer.)

Unfortunately for Anthony, there are people who know what he did and his actions can be proven via NIH records. It seems Dr. Fauci is in a whole world of hurt.

We have all watched Fauci as he glibbly and waffled his way through interview after interview, changing suggestions, changing predictions, doing whatever he can to keep his face in front of the camera and everyone hanging on his every word. And now, we see that he is an evil man who helped start the whole pandemic and lied about how and where it started. The highest paid federal employee has been busted.

Huge embarrassment for the CDC, NIH and the federal government.

Something had to be done. So, part of the Covid demise had started.

Along with the revelations about Fauci, other bad things happened that people had to be distracted from. Terrible jobs report, awful inflation, the pipeline shut down that created insane gasoline shortages, and the fact that the policies of the Biden regime in the first 100 days had led to a crisis on the border, war in the Middle East, and a country in turmoil.

And we haven’t even mentioned the election recounts now be taken up in different key states.

Some cherries on the top of the disasters are the increasing aggression by the CCP including threatening Taiwan, Australia, and even the Phillipines. Oh, another might be the traitorous behavior of John Kerry, long time government stiff and lover of all things Iran. Disclosing information about the plans of an ally are a “no no” Lurch.

So, lo and behold, a miracle disappearence of the Covid Plandemic. Yes, the government still run their sappy, stupid commercials about the untested vaccine, and yes, Joe still wants to threaten us with symbolic trips to our room if we don’t comply, but, it seems it has gone. The threat about vaccine passports has been quieted. ( I still believe it is one of their ultimate goals.)

While we are talking about that vaccine, does anyone remember that big lawsuit against Phizer in 2009 for illegally advertising to customers and bribing doctors and pharmacists to “encourage” their patients and customers to use certain drugs for ” off label” purposes? It was a huge 2.3 Billion dollar lawsuit and it was conducted by the DOJ. Hmmm….and now we are supposed to trust this company with a not fully tested vaccine? Nope.

But, hey, it’s all good now because the heroic geriatric dementia patient and the Gargoyle have saved us.

Meanwhile, don’t look beyond the Covid fraud, you might see our world going down in flames.

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