Unequal Justice is Tyranny

And it serves a specific purpose.

If you have any doubts at this point that the Biden regime is one of the most tyrannical, dictatorial, and oppressive regimes in U.S. History, you are simply ignoring what is going on. It is a regime that targets not only political enemies but also anyone who may disagree with, speak out against, or question them. It uses law enforcement not to enforce laws that actually keep us safe, but uses them to send a chilling message that our Constitutional rights no longer apply if we disagree with government. In some cases, they create laws on the fly.

I’m not naive. I know that our government has historically used their power against those who dare to go against them. The Clintons have made an art of it, relying on “suicide” and strange deaths of their enemies. But it seems that the Biden regime, which really is not his regime at all, are taking the practice to Soviet levels and beyond.

Compare the prosecution of different violators of the law. Look at how those that breached the Capitol on January 6th who had no weapons and who committed minor acts of destruction have been prosecuted and how Antifa and BLM rioters who carried weapons, burned down buildings, looted, and caused injury and some deaths in several U.S. cities have been treated by the law.. The only person who died because of the breach of the Capitol was unarmed Ashli Babbitt, who was shot by a Capitol policeman who was not not prosecuted and whose name has been withheld from the public and her family. ( The allegations that a Capitol Policeman was killed by protestors have been disproven since he died from natural causes.)

Meanwhile, the Antifa and BLM riots of 2020 and 2021 have caused 34 deaths and billions of dollars in property damage and destruction.

How were Antifa and BLM prosecuted? Basically, they weren’t. Yes, there were a few arrests made, but these offenders were granted bail and many released immediately. In some cases, the current appointed Vice President, feeling huge guilt for all the black men she had unjustly jailed in California contributed to their bail . In many cases, charges were dropped. Some because the Prosecuters either couldn’t find or wouldn’t use evidence that the arrested rioters committed crimes despite video and other proof. Out of 1,000 arrested in Portland, a majority have been released with no charges.

Meanwhile, the FBI is hunting down more than 400 people who breached the Capitol on January 6th. And by “hunting down” I mean they are all out, guns drawn, smashing doors in the middle of the night arresting any and all of them. Yet, when you read the the top charges against most of these people they are things like disorderly conduct and trespassing on Federal property. Neither of those charges rise to the level that requires a swat team. Yet, that’s how they conduct those arrests. Unlike the Antifa and BLM rioters, they are being held, some in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, some without bail. Others have been beaten by guards, subjected to mental torture, and denied their basic rights.

Why the uneven and patently unfair treatment? Aside from the fact that the Biden regime is pandering to Antifa and BLM and has expressed outright hatred for anyone who supported Trump, there is a much more insidious purpose.

Let me take you back to 16th Century Britain. During that time, there were Kings who ruled, mostly by fear and intimidation. How did they achieve that fear and intimidation? They certainly used military action to pound the people to submission. That was mostly against different countries and kingdoms. That was war.

A far more insidious technique was the practice of making examples of those who went against the king. It would go like this, the king would make a law. For example, Henry VIII in his paranoia, created a law that required all people to pledge their loyalty to him by written oath. This was in response to the ongoing fight between Henry and the Pope, which was a huge deal back then. Henry had proclaimed himself the head of the Church in England and the Pope had said, ” not so fast.” During that time, the Pope was extremely wealthy and powerful, so he was a threat to Henry. He wasn’t just a symbolic threat, he was an actual threat sending assassins to kill Henry. So, Henry decided that his subjects needed to sign a loyalty oath so he could cull the people who were loyal to the Pope. Anyone who wouldn’t sign was imprisoned and then killed either by being hung, drawn and quartered, or beheaded. ( By the way, if you read the description of being drawn and quartered, you will understand how horrible this was. It was not just an extremely painful death, it was a symbolic disrespect for the victim.)

But, Henry had a problem. One of his former close advisors and good friends, Sir Thomas More, wouldn’t sign the oath. You see, More was an extremely religious man who believed that the only oath he should sign would be to God. ( *To be accurate, this oath also declared that the signer believed that the Pope didn’t have the right to choose Bishops for the Church in England, which was unheard of. )

Henry knew this and was terribly conflicted. He could have waived the law for More. He knew More was no danger to him. In fact, he enjoyed his conversations with More about religion and philosophy. More had vocally expressed his loyalty to the King. He could let More live if he wanted.

The problem with waiving the law for More was that it would defeat the main purpose of the punishment for not signing the oath, causing fear and intimidation. By killing those who wouldn’t sign, the King sent a message to everyone. Either sign the oath and be loyal to the King or die. A few grisly deaths would send the message clearly. But, let one person, no matter how famous, live, and the effect would be lost.

So, after many people unsuccessfully pleading with More to change his mind, the King had him tried and found guilty of treason. ( In case you are wondering, the judge and jury in these cases were under the King’s influence. No one wanted to be on a jury that didn’t go along with the King.)

More was going to die. In his mercy, Henry lessened his sentence from being hung, drawn and quartered and allowed More to be beheaded instead. His head would be removed, boiled and then impaled on a pole, and displayed on London Bridge. Yes, they did consider this merciful. Again, if you read what hung, drawn and quartered involved, you might actually agree.

The head was displayed for all to see and recognize as a deterrent for anyone else who might consider going against the King. Anyone who even thought of saying anything that might be contrary to Henry would change their mind very quickly. Why, even asking about Henry’s health could endanger you.

We all know where this went from here. Henry had a long history of killing anyone who disagreed with thim, or any wives who didn’t deliver male children.

But no one ever crossed Henry. They knew better.

So, now in the year of our Lord 2021, the fear and intimidation tactics are still being used by a regime that proclaims to believe in freedom and Democracy.

Those involved in what historically would be called a weak breach of the Capitol since there were no weapons and no threats to anyone in the Capitol, are being used as examples. They are examples to ANYONE who dares to gather to protest the actions of the Biden regime. The extreme actions of the Capitol Police and the prison guards are a clear message. “If you do this, we will punish you to the extreme.”

It’s not just them. As the months have passed, anyone who expresses support for Trump, who questions the validity of the election, who speaks out against Covid vaccines, are being threatened. For some, it is removal from social media. For others, it is an assault on their right to own a business and make a profit, to serve in the military or law enforcement.

And, the threat is not just from the official Biden government flunkies.

One more part of KIng Henry the VIII’s reign of terror was that ordinary citizens knew that if they wanted to get rid of someone they didn’t like or they wanted to earn a favor or money, they merely had to insinuate that a person had said or done something against the King. Sort of like the Facebook Nazi’s reporting your post and you getting banned for life.

The Biden regime has empowered all of the race baiters, social justice warriors, Antifa and BLM to report anyone that has said or done anything they consider racist, sexist, transphobic, etc. Suddenly that person will be called a White Supremacist Domestic Terrorist, even if they aren’t White or a terrorist.

And if there isn’t a law that you have broken, they will make one up. If there’s a Constitutional right that you have, they will ignore it. By the way, you can blame both parties for this, because they started all this with the “Patriot Act” to protect all of us after 9/11. We should have realized they couldn’t be trusted.

And let’s not forget Old Joe’s personal threat against those who choose not to have the vaccine. I believe he said something to the effect that they would “live to regret that.” Anyone else get a picture of Don Corleone in your head? I do. I actually think he should be impeached for making a threat of violence.

As for the second part of my point, while those who oppose the Biden regime are examples for the everyone, so are Antifa and BLM. The lack of prosecution of those actual terrorists sends a clear message to the country. That message is that there is a two tiered justice system. And the system favors those who support the Marxist goals of the Biden regime.

It favors Hunter Biden. Anyone who had done what this disgusting creature did would normally be locked away without a key. But not old Hunter. Not only does the FBI ignore the evidence against him, they run from it when offered to them. Same with Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar, John Kerry, and on and on. All Biden supporters. The message, ” If you are on our side you can do whatever you want. We will look the other way.”

So, now the perpetual question. What do we do about this?

The first defense is offense. Keep talking about this, writing about this, making podcasts about it. Stay informed about what is going on. The more you know about what they are trying to do, the more you can protect yourself. As always, know your rights. Even if they want to ignore them, you HAVE to know what they are.

Get to know your local Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement. While some of them may not be helpful, many of them will be. In many instances where people fight back against injustice, law enforcement is there on the side of the people.

Eventually, Henry VIII died. Other tyrants came behind him, but in the end a group of patriots created a country that was built on something different. Freedom, rights of the individual, equal justice under the law. As in most human history, ugly tyrants never give up and are going to attempt to trample us under their feet. Like the flag says, we need to tell them, ” Don’t tread on me.”

Or even better, ” People who support unequal justice might live to regret that.”

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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