The Time Has Come…

” We, in this country, in this generation, are-by destiny rather than choice-the watchmen on the walls of freedom. We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of ‘peace on earth, good will toward men.’ That must always be our goal, and the righteousness must always underlie our strength. For as was written long ago: “except the Lord keep the city, the watchmen waketh but in vain.” – John F. Kennedy, Speech that was scheduled to be given at the Trade Mart in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963

JFK never gave that speech. As we all know, he was assassinated before he could. I will give the link to that speech at the end of this blog.

It’s so weird sometimes how things come together for me on these blogs. It can be something said on a television show, in a book I am reading, in a podcast I am listening to. It will stick in my mind until the right time appears for me to use it. I heard part of this speech last night as I listened to the AND WE KNOW podcast. It’s one I highly recommend, especially if you need faith combined with analysis of what is going on right now.

Today, the speech came up again as one of the listeners to the same podcast gave the link to the speech. And then, as I was reading news posts I saw one about the new Governor of New York saying she would import foreign workers to replace the ones who refused the vaccine. She wants to use medical workers from the Phillipines, “where many nurses go elsewhere.” She is going to work with our State Department to get that done. They have already been talking about getting visas.

She’s not the first one to hint at this. A hospital in Eastern Maryland has already advertised for foreign staff. Our own Governor, Larry Hogan, is hinting at doing this. He even suggested bringing in student nurses. I wonder if that would have been okay with him when he was fighting cancer? Instead of addressing the root issue, people having the freedom to make their own medical choices, these government and business bullies would rather bring in foreign vaccine “scabs.” And that is exactly what they are.

It really pisses me off.

I know some of the nurses and medical workers in our county who are struggling with this fight. They know how bad the vaccine is. They know the possible side effects. They know the process for developing it and “approving” it, is wrong. They don’t want to take the chance with their health and their lives.

It seems to me they have sacrificed enough already, working through the Covid pandemic. They didn’t know if it would kill them or their families. Yet, they were still there working long hours because they were needed. We needed them. And now, their bully bosses are willing to throw them to the curb for making a personal medical choice, something everyone has a right to.

If you want to tell me that all they need to do is get tested every week and wear a mask if not vaccinated, you aren’t aware of how hard the hospitals are making that for them. At Johns Hopkins Hospital, a place that used to be the pinnacle of hospitals in the world, the vaccinated wear white I.D.’s. The unvaccinated wear yellow. Sort of the like Jews wore the Star of David in Germany under Hitler. At a place where they should be helping people, not dividing them.

As for testing, the hospitals will allow it, but they want to make it as inconveinent as possible for the employees. You come when they tell you, where they tell you. It’s not about health, it’s about punishment. Have you figured it out yet?

I have and I have had enough.

I’ve had enough of health workers being bullied.

I’ve had enough of our children being damaged by stupid mandates and an interrupted and substandard education.

I’m tired of parents being ignored when they talk about what is best for their children.

I’ve had enough of people looking down on others because they have made an informed personal choice.

I’m tired of our military, police and first responders being forced to take a vaccine that is dangerous to them or leave the jobs that they do to protect us.

I’m tired of people like Fauci, Leana Wen, Joe Biden, and Larry Hogan telling me that I am the problem, that their patience is wearing thin, and that I should do what they tell me.

And I am tired of all of that while Hollywood, players in the NBA, Congress, the White House, and many other political figures have a free pass on all the rules. They get to do what they want and keep their jobs. No one says a word. Just look at the picture of jolly old Larry Hogan at a football game. No mask. No social distancing. Plenty of hypocrisy.

Okay, I’m tired, but what am I going to do about it?

This is the hard part. We can holler, write, complain, etc. till we are blue in the face. No one cares. As long as we are just individuals, or just small groups, no one cares. We can write our representatives, they do nothing. We can write letters to the editor, no impact. We can give our three minute speeches in front of Boards of Education and County Councils, and they just laugh it off.

And please don’t ask me to wait for the political process to fix this. Or for the fraud of the 2020 election is fully exposed. Too many people will be hurt or even die before that works. And, if the Dems do what they are planning, no Conservative will ever win another election anywhere.

My point is this. All of us, those who are losing jobs and those who are not. Those of us who have children in school and those who do not. Black, white, all races, genders, etc. Rich, poor and middle class. All religions, all political parties. We all need to band together, stand up and say enough is enough. Like they have in Australia, France, Britain, Canada and other countries.

The time is now before we lose everything, before we become a dictatorship. We need to be the watchmen.

So, how? I have some ideas. There is a group that has met once to pray for our county, pray for our country. We take a walk through the main part of Easton, Maryland and stop and pray at different locations. It’s not about politics, it’s about praying to God for help for so many people. The next time is Sunday, October 3, starting at 4:30. If you are interested, let me know and I will email/text you the information.

The second thing I would like to see is a HUGE gathering of all of us from all sides, standing together for the rights and freedoms of everyone. I’m going to work on that over the next week or so. We need people to know enough is enough. Stand up for the Medical and Health workers! Stand up for the Children! Stand up for our Military/Police/First Responders! Stand up for the rights of everyone to control their own medical decisions! Stand up for the rights of parents! Stand up for Freedom!

If you follow the blog, you will hear more details! If you are not here in Maryland, why not do your own prayer walk and demonstration where you live?

Our Governor forces others to wear masks in public and take the vaccine against their will. Meanwhile, he can go to a Raven’s game with a bunch of people, unmasked. Are they all vaccinated? Oh that’s right, it doesn’t matter because we are ALL supposed to mask up anyway. Were people in this picture FORCED to take the vaccine like the medical workers that you will replace? Don’t think so. Larry Hogan, damned hypocrite.

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